Porsha Williams speaks out amid backlash for explosive fight, says ‘there’s a lot viewers didn’t get to see’

Porsha Williams speaks out after getting slammed for fighitng in latest epsiode of Porsha's Family Matters
Porsha Williams posts and deletes comment after online backlash. Pic credit: Bravo

Producers on Porsha’s Family Matters broke the fourth wall last night after a dramatic fight broke out on the show and now Porsha Williams is speaking out. Porsha got tons of backlash on social media for her part in the altercation after it appeared she tried to hit Dennis McKinley’s mother, Gina.

A lot was going on during the scuffle which broke out following a heated conversation between Porsha, Dennis, and Gina during dinner.

In a moment of anger, Porsha told Dennis and Gina to leave and while they were trying to exit the restaurant things turned ugly and Porsha had to be restrained.

Porsha Williams speaks out after getting into physical altercation

It’s hard to decipher who got physical first but viewers are convinced that the Porsha’s Family Matters star is the one who tried to hit Gina and then Dennis intervened.

Either way, the camera showed Porsha throwing plates, and at one point she even grabbed the boom mic before her fiance Simon Guobadia managed to restrain her.

After the shocking fight, Porsha sent a text to her family and told them not to speak about the altercation on camera the next day. This angered fans even more and she got a slew of backlash online for trying to spin the narrative.

However, she later took to Instagram–in a now-deleted post– to explain and noted that many things were not shown on camera.

There is a lot that viewers didn’t get to see tonight,” wrote Porsha “And I wish we had more cameras to capture that, which I understand is nobody’s fault.”

She continued, “I’ve learned in the past that physical violence is never okay, especially when a man is causing physical harm to women. That is something we are too desensitized to as a society.”

Porsha's Family Matters star Porsha Williams speaks out after backlash.
Pic credit:@porsha4real/Instagram

Porsha Williams explains her attempt to silence her family

The Porsha’s Family Matters start also addressed the situation last night where she told her family members not to speak on the fight.

One producer even had to step in and address the drama from the previous night when he realized that Porsha and her family were pretending as if nothing had happened.

While viewers felt Porsha was trying to protect herself by silencing the cast, the Bravo TV personality claimed in her message that she was trying to protect Dennis.

I spoke to some of my family members that were present and decided at the time it was best not to talk about what cameras didn’t get to capture,” wrote Porsha. “I was trying to protect Dennis, his business, and therefore our own daughter. Looking back, that was not the right idea.”

The 40-year-old continued, “I take accountability for reacting strongly to what I was seeing and hearing. While I was not physical with Ms. Gina, I regret arguing with an elder.”

“We’re six months removed from this incident and I’m looking forward, not backward,” she added.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha’s Family Matters airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

What, we didn’t see the part when they prayed after the beatdown?

2 years ago

She was trying to protect Dennis?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! We saw it all. You’re a ratchet VIOLENT mess! Pilar has no chance in life unless Dennis steps in and gets custody.

2 years ago

I can’t wait to see Porsha’s violent meltdown when Simon puts her out and changes the locks. It’s not a matter of IF it’s going to happen; it’s WHEN. She’s gonna try and get that Dish Nation job back. That BJ she gave Ricky Smiley was only good for the time she’s already served on that show. She’s gonna have to pull out the knee pads if she wants him to re-hire her.

2 years ago

I bet she has BOLO at her bachelorette party.

Team Fair
Team Fair
2 years ago

The moment Porsha told her family not to speak on the incident. I knew what she was capable of. Enough said!