Peter Weber and Dustin Kendrick defend Nate Mitchell among rumors

Nate Mitchell
Bachelor Nation alums show Nate Mitchell some support. Pic credit: @nate_mitchell12/Instagram

Nate Mitchell has been under fire the past couple of weeks by fans and alums from Bachelor Nation.

The news was released that Nate allegedly dated two women at one time and that he hid the fact he had a daughter from the woman he was supposedly dating for one and a half years.

While viewers have been roasting Nate since all of this information came out, some haven’t been as quick to throw him under the bus and want to hear his side of things.

Amid these allegations, two former alums from Bachelor Nation have come to Nate’s defense.

Former Bachelor Peter Weber and Dustin Kendrick from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, have both recently defended Nate.

While they are friends of his, they also don’t believe all of the allegations that were brought forth against him and have some of their own tea to spill.

Dustin Kendrick defends Nate Mitchell

During Peter and Dustin’s podcast Bachelors in the City, the co-hosts discussed the allegations that have been brought forth by two women against Nate.

As a front-runner in Gabby Windey’s men, fans fell in love with Nate’s sincerity and sweet personality but then were confused after the information came out about him.

Dustin started off by saying, “First of all, let me say this. Nate is not an angel. He’s not a perfect guy. [But] I feel like you don’t go and try to tarnish someone’s name because a relationship didn’t work out. It seems childish to me.”

He then went on to say that Nate and Kelsey Fankhauser, who was the woman who said she dated Nate from 2020 to 2021 and hid the fact he had a daughter from her, were not even in a committed relationship.

Dustin also claimed that Kelsey has blown the whole thing out of proportion for attention. Moreover, he declared, “[It’s] baloney. Nate never told me once he was in a relationship with this person.”

He also said that there was a time when the two didn’t even speak for six months during that supposed year and a half. Dustin also stated that because Nate didn’t view his relationship with Kelsey as serious, he didn’t feel like he should put his daughter into the equation.

Peter Weber adds to the conversation

When Peter piped up, he also agreed with his co-host and friend, Dustin. He stated that, while he doesn’t have kids himself, he truly believes it should be up to the parent in the situation on whether they would want to introduce their kid to a significant other.

Peter added, “In my opinion, Nate has every right to hold that back until it’s the right time. That’s totally, 1000 percent up to him.”

Both Peter and Dustin feel for Nate and are extremely frustrated that this could tarnish his reputation and perception of him.

The co-hosts are fully aware that there is talk about Nate becoming the next The Bachelor but aren’t sure it’s in Nate’s best interest. In fact, Dustin thinks that the fans could have ruined the chance for him.

While Nate has basically kept quiet about the whole situation, Bachelor Nation viewers are hopeful he will clear the air on the Men Tell All episode coming up.

For the entire Bachelors in the City podcast with Peter Weber and Dustin Kendrick talking about Nate Mitchell, click here.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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