Paige Banks, Briana Myles, and Haley Harris plan a mental health event after wild MAFS season

Paige, Clara, and Briana sit in chairs
Wives from MAFS Season 12 plan to address mental health at an upcoming event. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight is known to be filled with drama but perhaps none more than MAFS Season 12. 

The recent Atlanta season of Married at First Sight was a rocky roller coaster that resulted in just one of the five couples still being married to this day. 

After enduring such a wild season, MAFS Season 12 wives Paige Banks, Haley Harris, and Briana Myles-Morales have joined together to host an event that is all about promoting mental health and self-care. 

MAFS Season 12 wives announce their women empowerment conference 

Paige, Briana, and Haley all took to social media to announce their event called The Journey of Self, a women’s empowerment conference aimed to shed light on the importance of mental wellness.

The three ladies will be panelists as well as the hosts of the event and it’ll all take place for one day in January 2022 at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta. 

The event will include talks with a team of experts, including keynote speaker and psychiatrist Dr. Chalice McKnight. The experts and panelists will discuss self-care, mental health, wellness, love, relationships, and more. 

To promote the event, all three MAFS wives shared a video that features the three of them smiling in colorful shirts with the event name printed on them. 

Both Briana and Haley shared about how overwhelming life has been for them since being on Married at First Sight in the captions of their posts, with Briana writing, “The past year of my life has truly been a whirlwind. From marrying a stranger to juggling an exhausting carer…I am TIRED! I’m ready to finally talk about it and I would LOVE if you’d take this journey with me!” 

More MAFS Season 12 cast members open up about mental health 

Married at First Sight Season 12 was a wild ride that put the cast through the mental ringer and has led many of them to speak out about mental health. 

While Paige, Haley, and Briana are teaming up to address self-care through their event, Virginia has also been outspoken about the importance of respecting your mental health.

Virginia came under scrutiny for her behavior and drinking on MAFS and later was met with cruel remarks when she and Erik announced their divorce. Virginia has continued to be vulnerable about her anxiety and the mental toll the last few months have taken on her through social media. 

Meanwhile, Chris Williams, who gained the reputation as the biggest villain in MAFS history, has also become more vocal about his own mental health, depression, and PTSD as he aims to repent of his poor behavior and apologize to those he hurt. 

While MAFS Season 12 didn’t end in many marriages it does seem like it helped the cast to place more emphasis on their mental health and self-care.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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