One Masked Singer contestant has the entire costume remotely controlled

Space Bunny on The Masked Singer
Space Bunny on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

There has been a lot of high-tech in the costumes this season on The Masked Singer.

The costume for Firefly had a battery pack that the singer had to wear around her waist to control the lighting. The Three-Headed Hydra costume had the heads swinging around by remote control.

The Cyclops costume had an animatronic eye.

Now, it turns out that Space Bunny has a high-tech costume, and it might be the most dangerous of them all.

Space Bunny suit is operated by remote control

Three-Headed Hydra was the most complicated costume to date, with people controlling it to make sure that the duo inside it – Vegas magicians Penn & Teller – were safe.

However, TMZ reports that Space Bunny’s costume is even more risky and dangerous.

For the first time in the reality show’s history, a team backstage has to operate the costume while the singer performs. This could result in a huge accident as it is the backstage techs who have a Nintendo-styled controller to move the eyes around and operate the costume as he dances for the audience.

This also means the singer must be precise on what he does and when he does it, or it would throw off the entire performance. This is more choreography than almost any other singer in The Masked Singer’s history.

The site also said that the buzzing and noise in the costume when it is operating is also loud enough to distract the singer as they perform possibly.

The good news is that TMZ also reported that the singer was down for it and was ready to do whatever it took to make his performance on the stage work.

According to the site, the performer in the Space Bunny costume is experienced enough on the stage to handle all the choreography and distractions.

The Masked Singer ups its game despite lower ratings

There have been some amazing costumes this season on The Masked Singer.

It is clear the production designers have put a lot of work into the season. However, that has not helped the ratings.

This season’s ratings are down compared to past seasons. The most recent episode, which saw the unmasking of Rudy Giuliani, was a ratings bust, with the lowest viewership total of the season so far.

Despite this, The Masked Singer remains the most popular reality competition show worldwide, even if the United States adaptation has stumbled this season.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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