The Masked Singer was the fastest-growing reality show in 2021

The Masked Singer Season 7 contestants
The Masked Singer Season 7 contestants. Pic credit: Fox

While the ratings for Season 7 have been low for The Masked Singer in the United States, the franchise itself is thriving.

The Masked Singer is not a U.S. original reality series, getting its start in South Korea before Fox picked it up to air in America.

There are many people who dislike the show, considering it a silly reality show with B-list stars dressing up in costumes and karaoke singing, the truth is that it is a massively popular reality series across the globe.

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As a matter of fact, The Masked Singer was the fastest-growing reality show globally in 2021.

The Masked Singer has expanded even more globally

The United States is only a tiny portion of the television world’s audience.

For example, while people in the U.S. consider American Song Contest to be a flop, Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most popular and successful reality shows of all time.

While fans in the United States are starting to tune out of The Masked Singer, it is still one of the most sought-after reality shows worldwide.

The Masked Singer debuted in 2015 in South Korea and came to the United States a few years later.

It is also the show with the most countries airing versions of the show, with 41 different adaptations around the globe. The only shows close to The Masked Singer are: The Voice, with 38 adaptations, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, with 35.

In 2020, 23 different markets picked up their own version of The Masked Singer. While things slowed down in 2021, it was still the most purchased reality show, with 12 new markets adapting it.

The total dropped so much because the show was reaching a point of saturation where there were fewer markets that would show a reality series like The Masked Singer. 

What countries picked up The Masked Singer?

Two of the new versions of The Masked Singer are huge markets, with TVN in Poland picking it up as well as TV4 in Denmark and Amazon in Japan.

The 12 new markets were three more than the second-place reality series. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire picked up nine and Game of Talents with seven.

Other shows that picked up new markets included Big Brother VIP (6), I Can See Your Voice (6), Dragons’ Den (5), Five Guys A Week (5), Love Island (5), and The Voice Senior (5).

The Masked Singer airs in the United States on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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