One Masked Singer contestant angered others by bringing entourage to show

Nick Cannon and Firefly on The Masked Singer
Nick Cannon and Firefly on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

The Masked Singer has always been a structured show with no one aware of who is behind the costumes – not even the other contestants.

However, one performer this year doesn’t seem to care about those protocols.

This singer has reportedly angered the other contestants because they are bringing a large entourage to the show with them.

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Masked Singer contestant angering other singers

TMZ reports that one of The Masked Singer contestants brings a big entourage to the show each week.

According to the site, a backstage source revealed that no contestant in the past has ever shown up with this many people.

It is also unique because most of the time, even those close to the panelists hide who they are. Donny Wahlberg was a contestant and didn’t even tell his wife, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg.

However, this contestant brings friends, family members, managers, and a beauty and hair team to The Masked Singer.

The other contestants have even reportedly lobbed complaints about the noise coming from that singer’s group backstage. The complaint is that during a time when they should be relaxing, it is now stressful.

However, the backstage source would not reveal which costumed singer they referred to.

Problems this season on The Masked Singer

There have been some problems this season when it comes to the contestants on The Masked Singer.

Before the show even started, someone leaked the fact that Rudy Giuliani was one of the contestants and caused a walk-off by both Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke when he unmasked.

Then on the first night of the season, McTerrier fell and his mask came off, although no one saw who he was and he rebounded quickly.

Finally, there is Firefly.

While we are pretty sure we know who Firefly is on The Masked Singer, she has proven to be quite the diva.

She had problems the first week when she began to choke on stage. She rebounded, performed, and moved on. The following week, any goodwill was gone when she walked off the stage when she was in the bottom two, with sources saying she felt she was better than that.

In Week 3, she won over the final three and will move on to the final round.

While the source didn’t say if the singer was one that has already performed on air or one we have yet to see, it fits the diva attitude Firefly has exhibited so far on The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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