Who is Firefly on The Masked Singer as she heads into the season finale?

Firefly on The Masked Singer
Firefly on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

The Masked Singer has revealed how this season will play out.

There will be three rounds with five singers in each round, all from different groupings. For two weeks, one person will go home and unmask, and then in the third week, there is a double elimination.

The groupings are the Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly.

After the third week’s episode, the last singer standing was Firefly, and she will move on to the finals to compete against the winners from the next two rounds.

Here is what we know about Firefly on The Masked Singer as she heads into the finals.

Who is Firefly on The Masked Singer?

Firefly came out in Week 2 and finished in the bottom two for audience voting. This made her angry, and she walked off The Masked Singer stage.

She returned, performed a great song, and moved on.

This week, Firefly was the top vote-getter and will move on to the finals.

A member of Team Good, Firefly, had the following clues in her packages.

In the sneak peek, Firefly had a photo of Tyler Perry, a replica of the Statue of Liberty, and a playbill from Apollo Theater.

Her mega clue was a photo of Pharrell Williams, who she called one of the keys in her career.

She said she loved to dress up in her mom’s clothes and perform in front of imaginary audiences and her mom then got her into an actual performance shortly after that. One of the neighbors who saw it got her a gig.

There was a third photo, and it was one of Kanye West.

There was also a fire alarm and dynamite, TNT.

Firefly sang Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan, P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson, God is a Woman by Ariana Grande, and Attention by Charlie Puth.

We are confident that Firefly on The Masked Singer is Teyana Taylor.

Taylor started performing as a teenager, sang on Its Showtime at the Apollo, she is from New York City, she starred in a Tyler Perry movie, and she danced in a Kanye West music video.

Who went home this week on The Masked Singer?

It will be a while before fans see Firefly again, though.

There are 10 more singers to introduce and perform now that the first four have unmasked and gone home.

In Week 3, both Thingamabob and Cyclops unmasked and left the show.

Cyclops unmasked as Jorge Garcia, who starred as Hurley on Lost and also had a major role on Hawaii Five-0. Thingamabob unmasked as Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jordan Mailata.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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1 year ago

Firefly is poor sport and a drama queen. Walking off like she did was a perfect example of that. Makes me wonder what she will do when she is eliminated.

1 year ago
Reply to  CD

I don’t think she was mad about being in the bottom. You have to remember she couldn’t breathe the previous week in her mask. I think she needed a minute to catch her breath is all.