Noah Erb reveals that he intends to marry Abigail Heringer

Noah Erb clasps his hand
Noah Erb sees a long future with his girlfriend Abigail Heringer. Pic credit: ABC

Noah Erb has been head over heels for Abigail Heringer ever since they met on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 and it seems things are going so well in their relationship that he’s now hearing wedding bells. 

Noah took to social media to allow fans and followers to ask him questions, and naturally many people were curious to know more details about his relationship with Abigail, leading Noah to give one very telling answer about his and Abigail’s future.

Noah Erb shares what his intentions are with Abigail Heringer 

Among the questions Noah received, one person referred to Abigail when they asked, “What are your intentions for my sister?”

Noah managed to give a very revealing answer to that question without even saying a word.

Instead, Noah just began to sing and hum Bridal Chorus which is a song more commonly referred to as Here Comes the Bride. 

Bridal Chorus is famously played at weddings as the bride walks down the aisle, so Noah singing this song in response to his intentions with Abigail certainly indicates that he has marriage on his mind and the pair may be getting serious about getting engaged soon. 

Noah Erb's IG story
Pic credit: @noah_erb/Instagram

Noah and Abigail chose not to go all the way to an engagement on Bachelor in Paradise and had a tearful breakup during a prom-inspired date before leaving the beach. 

Fans were thrilled to learn the two had reconciled after filming and were happily in a relationship. If things keep looking up for Noah and Abigail, a proposal and wedding could be in the near future. 

Noah gives advice on how to recognize ‘the one’

Noah was also asked other questions surrounding love, including one question that asked, “How do you know when you’ve met the one?” 

Noah answered the question by speaking about prioritizing the other person’s happiness and he also typed a written response to the question as well. 

Noah stated, “This can be taken a bunch of different ways and lots of answers, but if you find someone who you’re willing to give up parts of yourself, even if you don’t want to or don’t know where the urge is coming from, for the sole reason of caring for them more than yourself.” 

Noah Erb's IG story
Pic credit: @noah_erb/Instagram

It certainly seems Noah feels that he found the one in Abigail Heringer and hopes they have a bright and lasting future ahead. Time will tell if Noah and Abigail take their relationship to a new level and get married. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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