Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer are officially back together after Bachelor in Paradise breakup

Abigail and Noah film for BIP
Abigail and Noah had a rough breakup on Bachelor in Paradise, but the two have gotten back together since filming wrapped. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise viewers thought Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb’s relationship was done for good after they broke up ahead of the finale.

However, it seems the pair was able to work out their differences and got back together since filming has wrapped.

Without wanting to give away any spoilers, they waited until after the Bachelor in Paradise finale aired to reveal the news.

Both dedicated an Instagram post to reveal their relationship.

Noah uploaded a reel with several adorable moments of him and Abigail together— showing they’ve been spending quite a bit of time together since filming has wrapped and this may have been a while in the making.

He wrote a heartfelt caption to Abigail, professing his feelings to her once again.

“You never know what you got until it’s gone, then you never let it go.
I love you @abigail_heringer , here is to laughing through life until we are old,” he wrote.

He addressed the tense terms that he and Abigail left Bachelor in Paradise on, writing, “World, meet my new GF, turns out we do know how to talk to eachother and I think I’ll keep her.”

So it’s official! Abigail and Noah are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Abigail uploaded her own Instagram post, writing all that she needed to.

She said, “I love you,” which is what she had waited too long to say on Bachelor in Paradise.

She also shared a reel of how they spent the rest of the summer outside of Bachelor in Paradise wrapped.

Abigail and Noah were spotted just ahead of Bachelor in Paradise finale

Even though they ended things on tense terms on Bachelor in Paradise, viewers might have noticed a clue that the pair had gotten back together since it aired.

Reality Steve uploaded a picture of the two together just days after their breakup episode aired.

“Noah and Abigail at Coffee House on Cherry St in Tulsa, OK earlier today,” he wrote, along with the picture.

Abigail and Noah’s Bachelor in Paradise split

While they were voted the pair most likely to leave Bachelor in Paradise together, that didn’t happen.

During the prom, which happened on the penultimate episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Noah told Abigail he thought she wasn’t his person.

Abigail was confused because he had just told her he was falling in love with her the night before. Noah, meanwhile, was hurt that she hadn’t said it back.

At the prom, Abigail claimed she was “blindsided” and Noah told her he meant what he said and he had been confused about the doubts that kept popping up. Ultimately, he couldn’t ignore those doubts, and the two left Bachelor in Paradise separately.

However, since then, the two have rekindled their romance and professed their love for each other.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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