Nicole Nafziger insists Azan Tefou relationship still on amid rumors of breakup, pregnant wife in Morocco

Nicole from 90 Day Fiance
Nicole claims she and Azan are still together despite rumors that he dumped her. Pic credit: TLC

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou have spent nearly four years trying to make their romance work and even Nicole admits that it hasn’t been easy.

The 90 Day Fiance stars have been the subject of quite a few rumors along the way — some of them shocking — but despite all of that, as well as speculation that she and Azan have called it quits, she still insists they are together and that, someday, they will be married.

In Nicole’s latest post on Instagram, she posted a screenshot of her phone during a video chat with Azan. In it, you can see a smiling Azan and, in the inset, Nicole and her daughter May are pictured.

“I love nights like this [heart emoji] Soon it will be four years and it’s crazy how much we’ve been through,” Nicole captioned the photo.

“Ups and downs, rumors, tears, fights, love, connection, faith, Love. We’ve been through it all. All the time we are getting stronger as a couple and understanding more of each other.

“Our Journey is longer then others but that doesn’t make it less true to each other. Just means we get stronger along the way. One day we’ll never have to leave each other’s side and it will be amazing. Until then I’ll continue to support you as you support me. I love you @justazan.”

Nicole Nafziger’s Instagram post claiming that she and Azan are still on their “journey” comes amid rumors that Azan broke up with her while filming Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. After all, he did call off the trip to Grenada at the absolute last moment. Then, when Nicole was all set to head to Morocco to get married over the summer, that ended up not happening too.

Neither Nicole or Azan ever explained what the emergency was that caused Azan to cancel the trip. Some speculated that his “family emergency” was actually a secret wife that was pregnant.

That rumor began after YouTuber Keith Brooks posted a video citing a “source” who claimed to be a girlfriend of Azan Tefou. As Cheatsheet reported, Brooks said he was in contact with a woman who had inside information on Tefou, claiming that he planned to marry Nicole just long enough to move to the U.S., divorce her and bring his real girlfriend over.

The problem is, all of these rumors about what may really be going on with Azan back in Morocco are all based on sources and unsubstantiated claims that have been made about him without real proof. Time will tell if Azan is really in love with Nicole or if he’s been using her, as many 90 Day Fiance fans believe.

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