Nicole Franzel from Big Brother dresses up her dogs for new family photos

Nicole Franzel BB16 Exit
Nicole Franzel played Big Brother three times before deciding to start a family. Pic credit: CBS

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo dressed up their dogs for some cute new photos. The Big Brother couple shared the new family photos and it could certainly trigger fans who aren’t keen on putting their dogs in dresses.

“My cutie patooties ?!! SWIPE!!!! Practicing for matching family photos ? they act so goofy when I dress them up!” Nicole posted on Instagram with two pictures of her dressed-up dogs.

“❤️?? hope you’re all having a great weekend with friends & family! #happyfourthofjuly #36weekspregnant,” she added at the end of her message.

There was also a subtle announcement within the text that Nicole is now 36 weeks into her pregnancy.

Recently, Nicole also shared a photoshoot that she did at home to celebrate her birthday. The photos were packed with balloons and a new outfit that Nicole had for the occasion.

Below are the cute photos that feature Nicole, Victor, and their dogs.

Nicole Franzel pregnancy updates

Nicole has been keeping her followers up-to-date on nearly everything that has to do with her pregnancy. That included a recent post where Nicole said she had to go to the ER before the holiday weekend.

The Big Brother 18 winner also shared some scary updates with her followers. One of them stated that she has a breech baby, but that she is trying a lot of different methods to get him to flip before the due date.

Victor and Nicole announced that the nickname of their baby is Arrow and Nicole went into detail about why they made that choice. The Big Brother baby will arrive soon and maybe he can make an appearance with host Julie Chen Moonves during an upcoming episode of the show.

More news from the world of Big Brother

A new Big Brother cast was announced for this summer. These BB23 cast members will begin playing the game on Wednesday, July 7, and there are a lot of fresh aspects waiting to be presented by the producers of the show.

The TV schedule for the BB23 cast is going to look very familiar to fans who have been keeping up with the show for years and the new season will serve as a lead-in for Love Island USA this summer.

Will a pair of the new houseguests find the love that Nicole and Victor found after starring on Big Brother 18 together? We will all have to tune in and find out together.

And speaking of finding love in the Big Brother house, Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott just announced their engagement.

Big Brother returns July 7 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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