Big Brother: Nicole Franzel rushed to ER, taking antibiotics and dealing with intense swelling

Nicole Franzel Update
Nicole Franzel continues to keep her Big Brother fans updated on her pregnancy. Pic credit: The Coco Show/YouTube

Big Brother winner Nicole Franzel updated her followers with a series of Instagram posts which included thanking fans for their support and messages, sharing videos from a lake drive for her birthday, and posting about having to go to the ER before the holiday weekend.

Nicole has been keeping very busy as she and her husband Victor Arroyo prepare for the arrival of their first child. She also noted that they aren’t quite ready for an early birth.

Earlier this week, Nicole shared photoshoot images she did for her birthday. The photos were a great way to celebrate passing 35 weeks in her pregnancy.

“Hey!! Thank you all SO SO SO SO much for the birthday love!” Nicole posted in an Instagram Live message to update her followers after being offline for a bit.

“I have been MIA from everything for a bit bc I woke up feeling under the weather and had to run to the ER since I couldn’t get into any doctor offices before the Holiday weekend!” Nicole continued in her post.

She elaborated on what was going on a bit later in the post, writing “They aren’t sure what it is but I just took a 5 hour nap and I feel better. I’m on an antibiotic too. I’ve been running around barely getting any sleep these days due to appts, baby stuff, and anaimal [sic] stuff! I think I just need to slow the heck down.”

Nicole Franzel ER Stop
Nicole Franzel wasn’t feeling well lately. Pic credit: @coconuts_/Instagram

Nicole Franzel updates her fans on Instagram

On Friday, Nicole popped on Instagram again to share another update on how she is doing now. It included revealing that she has now reached 36 weeks in her pregnancy, showing how close Nicole and Victor are to having a baby bouncing around the house.

“I can barely make a fist this morning my hands are so swollen. This is 36 weeks,” Nicole started out a new note on Instagram.

She then updated her followers on what the ER visit entailed and how she has been taking antibiotics.

“And after just 2 doses of the antibiotic my lymph node swelling went down. The ER doc said it would take 48 hours to get in my system. So I don’t even know if it was the antibiotic that helped at all,” Nicole elaborated.

Nicole Franzel Swelling
Nicole Franzel updated her followers on the antibiotic use. Pic credit: @coconuts_/Instagram

A new Big Brother cast gets introduced

The Big Brother 23 cast was revealed this week, showing the 16 new people who will be playing the game this summer. The BB23 cast even includes the son of boxer Joe Frazier.

The new season of the show begins on Wednesday, July 7 with a 90-minute episode on CBS. It’s going to be a really busy night during the premiere, with a lot of twists and turns that will impact how the season progresses.

One of the biggest reveals coming during Episode 1 is that the BB23 cast is going to play in teams for a few weeks. It’s going to be an interesting wrinkle for the brand new houseguests.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 at 8/7c on CBS.

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