Nayte Olukoya puts Mike Johnson on blast as The Bachelorette feud heats up

Season 18 winner of The Bachelorette Nayte Olukoya calls out former contestant Mike Johnson in a recent interview. Pic credit: ABC

This week the Talking it Out with Bachelor Nation podcast got juicy.

It’s no secret that former Bachelorette contestant and host of the podcast, Mike Johnson had his doubts about the receiver of Michelle Young’s final rose, Nayte Olukoya, and this week the two came head to head in an intense interview.

Co-host to the podcast, Bryan Abasolo brought up the infamous feud while on the interview, and Nayte blasted Mike for running with a false narrative instead of being someone who could relate to his situation.

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Nayte Olukoya puts Mike Johnson on blast while on the Talking it Out with Bachelor Nation podcast

While Mike explained he had love for the Season 18 winner, his previous tweets declared that he would be watching Nayte closely this season.

Defending his social media comments, Mike explained, “What I said to you on Twitter was — and I’ve said it already once — which was, ‘How do we feel about Nayte? I’m watching him close.”

“I thought you were a good sport and you reshared it … and you were like, ‘I thought we were friends or I thought we were boys’ or something of that nature,” Mike described of their feud. “And then I got a bunch of hate and, in my opinion, I don’t deserve none of that hate and the reason is because I didn’t say anything bad about you.”

“The reason I say watch you close is because we all love Michelle, as do you, of course,” the Talking It Out host further clarified on the December 23rd episode. “I just simply wanna make sure that your words are with your actions because I think that people watching it back will say, OK, I wasn’t mean to Nayte. I didn’t say I hate Nayte. I didn’t say anything of that nature.”

Clearly not content with his explanation, Nayte simply replied that “It is what it is” and was disappointed because he thought since Mike had been in his position once, he’d understand how the environment was.

Hinting at the moments of reassurance between him and Michelle that weren’t shared with cameras, Nayte blasted Mike and concluded, “I feel like you didn’t stop once to just say, ‘You know what, maybe Nayte had the confidence. Maybe there was something that was said in previous conversations that, ‘Hey, it’s not if, it’s when,’’ [and that’s why] I had the confidence to say something like that.”

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Nayte Olukoya calls out Mike Johnson for not looking at both sides of the situation despite being in his position before

Nayte also referred to the Chris S. situation that happened earlier in the season, “You had some pretty strong opinions on me saying, ‘It’s not if, it’s when,’ and you kind of jumped to a lot of conclusions. You were talking about my character, saying that if Michelle does end up with me, you were talking about, like, that is a direct reflection of my character because whether it was cockiness or not, I should never have said that.”

While it was Chris S. who started the narrative that Nayte had the competition “in the bag”, Nayte was dispirited that Mike ran with it on the internet.

“I feel like you were once in this position before, and I think you know that…not every conversation that you ever had with the Bachelorette was ever aired,” Nayte continued. “So nobody understands what you guys have talked about other than you and the individual.”

What do you think of the feud between Mike Johnson and Nayte Olukoya? Let us know in the comments.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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1 year ago

It won’t last, he’s fake all the way

1 year ago

I love the dynamics of Nayte and Michelle. If they shut out all the negative noise, they can withstand the test of time and all these naysayers.