Mysteries of the Abandoned exclusive: Inside Sazan Island of Albania, Royal Haslar Hospital in UK, more

Sazan Island
A mysterious abandoned Albanian island holds many structures and bunkers on Mysteries of the Abandoned Pic credit: Science Channel

On tonight’s Mysteries of the Abandoned on Science Channel, we span the globe as relics of the past have left their skeletons behind, and researchers dig in to figure out their purpose and what secrets they may hold.

Science Channel’s top-rated series Mysteries of the Abandoned Season 2 continues to cover the deserted and forgotten human-built structures that time forgot.

The series has returned to explore the left-behind bunkers, buildings, and other man-made structures that had once been a hub of humanity, now left as a ghostly reminder of what once was.

Where does Mysteries of the Abandoned go tonight?

On tonight’s exciting look at what was once inhabited by workers and humanity, we head to Albania to the newly reopened Sazan Island where bunkers and tunnels and buildings were made during the Cold War, but by whom and for what purpose?

Then we head to Sloss Furnace. This is a designated National Historic Landmark found in Birmingham, Alabama. It formerly was a pig iron-producing blast furnace ( in use 1882 to 1971).

After closing, this industrial site was preserved and restored for public tours and use.

We are taken to tour the Royal Haslar Hospital in Hampshire, England, a former military hospital now converting to a senior living facility.

Cinnamon Bay, USVI is another destination, a stunning West Indies locale that once was a bustling sugar cane producer, a museum remains that shows how the area once thrived in that capacity.

Sazan Island
A mysterious abandoned Albanian island holds many structures and bunkers on Mysteries of the Abandoned. Pic credit: Science Channel

About Mysteries of the Abandoned

Producers examine new leads and assemble assorted experts who sort through the physical remains of engineering accomplishments, marvels of masonry, steel, hard work, and monumental effort.

They span the globe and explore the haunted shells of what we call ghost towns and employ the latest technology, including CGI, in attempts to recreate what was and, in doing so, discover secrets left behind.

We find large buildings and places once teeming with humanity now sitting fallow, abandoned.

In their quest, they have found a high-tech installation atop the wild mountains of Alaska. They also went to jagged ruins with a storied past on the border of North Korea.

Mysteries producers also found a pirate city considered to be “depraved” and, over time, lost beneath the waves.

It matters little where, from congested city centers to the outer limits of the human population, one can find deserted sites at the farthest reaches of the planet – sites with stories to tell.

And researching these unique stories is the work of Science Channel executive producer Neil Laird with Like A Shot Productions, and their executive producers Henry Scott and Bruce Burgess.

Mysteries of the Abandoned airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Science Channel.

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