Mykenna Dorn reveals more hints about mystery boyfriend including their age gap

Mykenna Dorn
Mykenna Dorn opens up more about mystery boyfriend. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 24 star Mykenna Dorn has opted to explore her current relationship more privately, but that hasn’t stopped her from dropping details about her mystery man. 

Mykenna recently divulged more information about her significant other, including his zodiac sign and the age gap between the two. 

Mykenna Dorn answers questions about her mystery man 

Mykenna Dorn took to her Instagram stories and allowed her fans and followers to ask her questions. 

Mykenna opened herself up for questions by writing, “it’s been a minute..ask me something!” 

Naturally, many of her followers wanted to know more about her mystery man, and Mykenna compiled answers to the series of boyfriend-related questions that she received. 

One question Mykenna was asked, read “Age difference between you and your man??” 

Mykenna responded saying, “He’s 5 years older!”

Then Myeknna was asked about “You and your boyfs zodiac signs.”

Mykenna shared, “I’m an Aquarius and he’s a gemini!”

Mykenna was also asked, “How did you meet your bf” and she broke down the story of their unique meeting. 

Mykenna wrote, “Matched on hinge lol. I messaged him first on a Friday night but he didn’t reply until the next night (Saturday). Mid convo we realized we were at the same restaurant. We said hi really quick, got each other’s numbers and then went on a date a couple days later!” 

Finally, one fan tried to get Mykenna to reveal the identity of her boyfriend by writing, “Who is your boyfriend?” 

Mykenna cleverly avoided directly answering the question by simply writing, “A really really great guy! I’ll share more when I’m ready!” 

Mykenna Dorn IG story
Pic credit: @mykenna/Instagram

Mykenna Dorn tells followers they’ll eventually meet her boyfriend 

In the past, Mykenna allowed her fans to ask her questions on her Instagram stories and her boyfriend came up again.

Mykenna explained in more detail how they met and also shared that her boyfriend is more private than she is and so he’s going to need time to get used to being so public before debuting in front of Mykenna’s 323k followers. 

While Mykenna and her boyfriend are keeping a very low profile, for now, she did assure her fans and followers that they would eventually get to meet her new man. 

Time will tell when Mykenna and her boyfriend decide to go public. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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