Anna Redman and Mykenna Dorn call out Demi Burnett’s hypocrisy and shade in a tense exchange

Demi Burnett fires shots at Anna Redman and Anna claps back. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 has come to a close but the drama still continues. 

Demi Burnett recently shared some shady thoughts on the Bachelor in Paradise finale and particularly called out Anna Redman’s intentions with James. 

Anna Redman and fellow BIP costar Mykenna Dorn didn’t take kindly to Demi’s seemingly underhanded comments which led to a back and forth feud between the three ladies on social media. 

Demi Burnett jokes that Anna Redman was using James Bonsall 

Always one to speak her mind, Demi didn’t hold back in sharing her reactions to the events that occurred on Bachelor in Paradise after she exited the island. 

In one particular tweet, Demi commented on Anna’s budding relationship with James Bonsall. Demi shared a photo of Anna Redman and wrote, “Anna is entertaining James for roses.” 

Ironically, Demi’s statement is fairly hypocritical because when Demi first arrived on the island she very clearly entertained James Bonsall just to get his rose as well. 

Considering Demi did exactly what she’s accusing Anna of, Mykenna Dorn responded to Demi’s comment saying, “really Demi???”

This wouldn’t be the first time that Demi hypocritically called someone out on Bachelor in Paradise.

Demi also accused Tia Booth of having a broken “gaydar” since she pursued Colton Underwood the last time she was in paradise. However, Demi also pursued Colton on his season of The Bachelor. 

Anna Redman claps back at Demi Burnett 

Anna Redman also caught wind of Demi’s shady tweet and responded with some shade of her own and essentially suggested that Demi has yet to mature. 

Anna replied to Demi’s tweet saying, “I can see one of us grew up and the other didn’t.” 

Demi attempted to laugh off Anna’s comment and responded by saying, “Awww just a joke Anna!!!!! It was hilarious I couldn’t help myself.” 

Mykenna then jumped back into the conversation and was clearly not amused. Mykenna tweeted, “I didn’t find it funny at all.” 

Demi again seemed unbothered by the tense exchange and responded to Mykenna and Anna saying, “You’re not my audience” with a clown emoji.

Anna Redman fires back at Demi Burnett. Pic credit: @demi_burnett/Twitter

Interestingly Demi, Mykenna, and Anna were all on different seasons of The Bachelor and Demi left Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 before Mykenna and Anna arrived, so it’s likely Demi is not all that close to these two ladies and it doesn’t look like they’ll be buddying up any time soon. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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