BIP Viewers remind Demi of her own broken ‘gaydar’ after tasteless joke about Colton Underwood

Demi Burnett gets called out for her hypocritical statement. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett may have wanted to find love on the last season of Bachelor in Paradise but on this current BIP season, it seems Demi’s main mission is to cause conflict and controversy. 

On the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Demi did just that when she took yet another jab at her ex and former Bachelor, Colton Underwood, in an effort to put down BIP veteran Tia Booth. 

After Demi’s snarky statement surrounding Colton’s sexuality, many people were quick to point out why Demi’s comments were so hypocritical. 

Demi Burnett has the same ex as Tia Booth 

Tia Booth was the newest arrival to paradise this week and she used her date card to take Kenny Braasch out, the man who had just linked up with Demi after she stole him from Mari. 

Demi’s hypocrisy was already evident when she felt upset that Tia “stole” Kenny from her despite her doing the same to Mari. Clearly threatened, Demi continued to express how she’s more fun and stylish than Tia. 

Demi also attempted to put Tia down by making a comment about how Tia’s gaydar is broken because Tia had pursued Colton when she was last on paradise.

Bachelor Nation was not about to let Demi forget the irony of the shade she threw towards Tia and Colton, especially since Demi and Tia have the same exact ex.

In one viewer’s tweet, they quoted Demi’s comment and used a gif of Demi kissing Colton on The Bachelor Season 23 to show her being caught in the act of hypocrisy after her mean-spirited jab towards Tia. 

Another viewer recalled how Demi clearly believed Colton was straight as well because she was so heartbroken after Colton sent her home. The commenter tweeted, “Did Demi forget her gaydar was broken when she got dumped by Colton?”

Bachelor in Paradise viewers bring up Demi’s own sexuality 

Not only is Demi’s teasing ironic because she literally dated the same gay man as Tia, but viewers also found her jabs oddly insensitive because she herself is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. 

A viewer emphasized this in their tweet that questioned why Demi would make this type of insult when she’s in such a similar boat. They alluded to Demi’s hypocrisy being off the charts by tweeting, “Wait…did Demi try to insult Tia by commenting on her gaydar? She dated the same man and also is queer herself…what???”

It seems many fans of the show have grown weary of Demi’s antics and continuous over-the-top attempts to stir up drama. This isn’t the first time Demi has fired shots at Colton and one commenter expressed being over Demi and her low blows and double standards. 

The viewer aimed to remind Demi that she too went on a personal journey of coming to grips with her identity. Demi publicly detailed her sexuality as recently as the previous season of Bachelor in Paradise where she got engaged to a woman

The tweet read, “Not Demi continuously making low blows about Colton’s sexuality and saying Tia’s gaydar is off…when she also tried to seduce Colton AND acted surprised when she liked girls for a minute”

Demi still has more time left on Bachelor in Paradise so it remains to be seen if she will continue to throw punches at her ex and anyone else who gets in her way on the beach. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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