My 600-lb Life update: Angela Gutierrez loses weight — Here’s what she looks like now

My 600-lb Life update: Angela Gutierrez loses weight, considers suing production company
Angela Gutierrez has lost weight since her time on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: Angela Gutierrez/Facebook

When Angela Gutierrez appeared on My 600-lb Life Season 7, she was one of the show’s more controversial stars. When she first started, she said that she’d put her all into Dr. Now’s program to shed the weight from her 608-pound frame.

Despite this, she quickly dropped out of the doctor’s weight loss program. Fans were disappointed in the TV personality, especially considering that it was her second attempt at weight loss.

Fans have been curious about the star since her departure from the show. Did she shed the weight? While her weight loss battle might still be ongoing, it looks like Angela’s doing a lot better since Season 7 aired.

Angela Gutierrez says she’s lost 120 pounds since quitting Dr. Now’s program

Angela Gutierrez had previously had a weight loss surgery before appearing on 600-lb Life Season 7. As a result, she lost a decent amount of weight, which many fans of the show might find surprising. Despite this, multiple personal setbacks resulted in her putting the weight back on, leading to her getting help.

Initially, fans were supportive as she lost a lot of weight before, so they believed that she should be able to do it again. They were disappointed by the episode’s end, however, as she gave up on the program. During that time, Angela had a meltdown because of her bathroom’s lack of handicapped facilities.

She didn’t lose any weight while with Dr. Now and went home to Ohio. A few months later, however, she wanted to update the doctor on her condition. On a Skype call, the pair’s first conversation since she departed from the show, Angela told the My 600-lb Life doctor that she had lost 120 pounds.

Angela Gutierrez loses weight, considers suing production company
Pic credit: Angela Gutierrez/Facebook

Despite Angela looking slimmer than she had been on the show, Dr. Now was somewhat skeptical. In general, he seemed unconvinced that she would continue losing weight, although fans certainly hoped she would. In the time since then, fans have rarely heard from her, although she has appeared in reruns of the show.

Based on her most recent posts on social media, however, it seems like there’s been little change in her weight since she last made a public appearance.

Angela supports My 600-lb Life lawsuits

That hasn’t meant that Angela Gutierrez hasn’t been in the news recently, however. Instead, she has lent her support to lawsuits filed against My 600-lb Life producers Megalomedia. These have been filed by multiple former stars for a range of causes.

One of the most notable is that of L.B. Bonner’s family. L.B.’s family accuses Megalomedia of “gross negligence” after the former star, unfortunately, took his own life. The case claims that the production company failed to provide adequate mental health care.

Other former stars have followed suit, claiming that the company never paid for medical bills, as promised for starring in the show. Angela spoke to several media outlets, noting how “happy” she is that the truth about the show is coming out. She also noted last year that she’s considering her own lawsuit, although that’s yet to be filed.

Here is Angela’s latest photo, shared with her fans on June 5.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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