My 600-Lb. Life: Dr. Now thanks fans for support as they wait for a Season 11 update

My 600-Lb. Life star Dr. Nowzaradan thanks fans for supporting him and the show.
My 600-Lb. Life Dr. Nowzaradan thanks fans for all their support. Pic credit: TLC

TLC’s hit show, My 600-Lb. Life has become part of a phenomenon where viewers have become obsessed with seeing others hit major weight loss goals.

The show follows morbidly obese individuals, who struggle with completing daily tasks due to their weight. Many of them have become bedridden and unable to leave their homes because walking is simply too much.

Dr. Nowzaradan has been the bariatric surgeon on the show who works to change the lives of so many weight-loss patients. With his success and growing stardom, he decided to show his gratitude on social media.

Dr. Now reaches 500K followers

In a recent Instagram post, Dr. Now thanked fans for their ongoing support and for getting him to 500,000 followers.

In his caption, he writes, “I am fortunate to do what I love and it brings me joy to see all the fans and messages sharing how much the show positively impacts so many people.”

Over 10 seasons so far, the show has depicted the highs and lows of a weight loss journey as people attempt to complete the strict diet regimen Dr. Now requires. From his advice on the show, along with his book, many people struggling with their weight have found support and motivation to change their lives.

Dr. Now keeps his encouragement going in his caption by also saying, “continue to make good choices for your health!” A message that many will embrace as health has become a top priority for many.

Will there be a Season 11?

Season 10 of the show has officially wrapped, and for the foreseeable future, the Wednesday night timeslot will now be home to Dr. Pimple Popper. News about Season 11 has yet to be announced, which may lead some fans to wonder if the show will continue.

There have been criticisms that patients on the show are no longer being chosen wisely by production. With fewer people successfully completing Dr. Nowzaradan’s program, it feels that many of them are just looking for a chance to be on TV or possibly gain followers on social media.

Season 10 saw some of the highest numbers of patients be rejected for surgery. Depending on their starting weight, they may be required to lose anywhere from 50 to 200 pounds before surgery can safely be performed. For some, the motivation and dedication this requires may be too much.

While some fans were empathetic to the patient’s situations, others felt their time on the show was a waste and were frustrated at the lack of effort from many.

The need for more therapy, before and after surgery, has also been a concern voiced by fans, since many patients are dealing with deep traumas that lead to their food addiction. Seeing the lack of support in this area has also been frustrating to some fans.

With the show now being on hiatus, many are left wondering if it has come to an end. At the moment, TLC has made no comments on the status of My 600-Lb. Life.

My 600-Lb. Life is currently on hiatus but is streaming on Discovery+.

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