My 600-Lb. Life: Lisa Ebberson fails to find motivation even after her boyfriend’s death

My 600-Lb. Life Lisa Ebberson shares her story
My 600-Lb. Life Lisa Ebberson. Pic credit: TLC

The most recent episode of My 600-Lb. Life followed 51-year-old Lisa Ebberson, who weighed in at 637 pounds.

Lisa, who suffered from severe lymphedema in her legs, was bedridden and had not walked in close to four years. She lived with her boyfriend, Randy, who was her enabler and fed her anything she wanted.

During her episode, Lisa proved herself to be unmotivated and unwilling to follow her doctor’s orders. She did not change her diet, which was partially the fault of Randy, who did all the grocery shopping and cooking.

Dr. Nowzaradan called out Lisa’s behavior and held Randy accountable for overfeeding her and not complying with her diet. This upset him, and he argued he only gave Lisa whatever she wanted to eat so that she wouldn’t get upset.

While Randy acted as Lisa’s primary caregiver, he was also battling his own health issues, using an oxygen tank to help him breathe. Halfway through the episode, Randy contracted COVID-19 and was admitted to the hospital. After some complications, Randy sadly passed away.

With Randy gone, Lisa attempted to work through her emotions in therapy but refused to be fully honest about her choices and habits.

Lisa has a history of trauma and pain

As Lisa shared her story, she revealed that she was raped by two guys when she was just 13. She never told anyone about it and just started overeating to mask her pain. She became pregnant at 16 and struggled to be a good mom. She confessed that she was not in love with the father, and they did not have a good relationship which caused them to split.

From there, she began dating a man who was in prison for murder. They got married, and once he was released, they moved in together. Their relationship fell apart because he became an alcoholic and abused drugs, and she decided to leave him once he became abusive towards her.

Lisa admits that she quickly jumped from one relationship to another, but they never worked out because they always became abusive in some way. She confessed that she didn’t truly like Randy when they met, but he cared for her and wasn’t abusive, so she stayed with him.

Viewers chime in on Lisa’s bad attitude

Throughout the episode, Lisa quit Dr. Nowzaradan’s program multiple times, claiming he was not doing anything to help her. She was very combative with the dietitian and physical therapist that he connected her to and refused their help.

She lied about not having information on Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet and exercise plan despite his team sending her the copies. Her ongoing negative attitude did not sit well with her doctor, and he knew she was not serious about completing the program.

He quickly called her out on her deception and lack of effort, and fans were quick to support him and share their own thoughts about her behavior.

A fan of My 600-Lb. Life criticizes Lisa's lack of effort to follow the doctor's instructions.
A viewer criticizes Lisa’s lack of effort. Pic credit: @MFRZProductions/Twitter
A My 600-Lb. Life fan calls out Lisa.
A fan calls out Lisa for her lies and behavior. Pic credit: @halfcupofcoffee/Twitter

Viewers also accused Lisa of wasting Dr. Nowzaradan’s time and not actually wanting to get any help. A common criticism from fans is that patients just enjoy the attention they receive from being on TV and don’t actually have plans to lose weight. With fewer success stories this season than ever before, some fans question these patients’ true intentions.

A My 600-Lb. Life fan comments on Lisa's behavior.
A fan comments on Lisa’s treatment of the staff trying to help her. Pic credit: @danacat1/Twitter
A My 600-Lb. Life fan shares their thoughts on Lisa's behavior.
A viewer expresses their feelings about Lisa’s actions. Pic credit: @Michelle_3908/Twitter

At the end of the episode, Lisa once again quit the weight-loss program after losing very little weight and refused to respond to Dr. Nowzaradan’s calls.

My 600-Lb. Life Lisa Ebberson's boyfried, Randy Rempel.
My 600-Lb. Life Randy Rempel, boyfriend of Lisa Ebberson. Pic credit: TLC

We send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Randy Rempel.

My 600-Lb. Life airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on TLC and is streaming on Discovery+.

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Kelly anderson
Kelly anderson
2 years ago

I will be helping with her now so I’m hoping I can get her to stay focused and start doing right and start doing Wht she needs so so can get the help