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Muvez on Shark Tank: Where to buy and what makes them special

Muvez Shark Tank
Three friends/entrepreneurs will pitch Muvez shoes to the sharks. Pic credit: ABC

The entrepreneurs responsible for Muvez will appear on Shark Tank tonight. Muvez is a brand of footwear that is said to be an “indoor slipper reimagined.”

The idea is that the shoe has two parts. You can wear the inner part of the shoe in your home. It is comfortable — just like a slipper. The shoes are slip-ons.

When you are ready to leave the house, you just slip on the sole. This changes it from a slipper to a regular shoe.

Three friends wanted to create the perfect shoe

Eric Cruz, his brother Ryan, and their friend Kevin Zamora created Muvez Footwear (pronounced moves) to help keep the inside of homes clean.

They also wanted to create a comfortable — but functional — shoe that would work for just about everyone. In doing so, they hoped to accomplish something that had not been done before.

It can be a pain to change your shoes or take them off every time you step into the house.

With these shoes, it is easy to just slip the sole on and off.

Outdoors they are shoes, inside they are slippers

You can also wash the sole to keep it clean. By removing the sole at your door, you prevent dirt and germs from entering your home.

Not to mention, you are already instantly in some comfy slippers! The detachable sole is made of rubber-like material to provide extra shock absorbency.

The shoes come in sizes for men, women, and children. They also come in several different colors such as red, blue, black, and gray. You can purchase the sole in white or black.

The shoes have already seen a runway. A model named Chris Lavish fell in love with the shoes and wore them during London Fashion Week. They also appeared on the New York Fashion Week runway.

The shoes were made by initial funding from a Kickstarter Campaign and private equity. The entrepreneurs will likely ask the sharks for help to increase sales by getting the shoes into retail stores.

The shoes are currently available online here. They run about $100 per pair.

If you are interested, they are running a Shark Tank special on their website right now. You can receive 20 percent off this weekend only.

The shoes definitely seem comfortable, fashionable, and functional! But will the sharks like them? Find out tonight!

Shark Tank airs on Friday nights at 8/7c on ABC. 

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Ava J Dillman
Ava J Dillman
2 years ago

Where can muves shoes be bought? Academy?

Ava J Dillman
Ava J Dillman
2 years ago

Where can you buy muaves footwear? Academy!?

James Golston
James Golston
2 years ago

I like the shoes and the concept, how can I buy size 12, thank you..

Melba Newman
Melba Newman
2 years ago

Do they come in women’s size?

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