Mountain Monsters: What is AIMS looking for in Season 8 premiere?

The cast of Mountain Monsters
The cast of Mountain Monsters. Pic credit: Discovery

Mountain Monsters is about to make its huge return with a new season, and they are hunting one of the biggest monsters out there.

Here is a look at what fans can expect from the Mountain Monsters’ new season premiere.

Mountain Monsters are looking for Big Foot

When Mountain Monsters returns on January 2, 2022, they will be searching for none other than Big Foot.

This might seem strange since most Big Foot sightings have been reported in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.

However, the Mountain Monsters crew have their own ideas of where they can find the legendary creature.

The press release announces that “”It’s Bigfoot or bust for the Appalachian Investigations of Mysterious Sightings team (AIMS) as they head back to the Tygart Valley in West Virginia.”

This team will be one man short, as founding member John Trapper Tice died in 2019 at the age of 72.

However, his spirit lives on and it is his memory that leads the AIMS crew out for their new adventures.

Willy McQuillian, Jeff Headlee, Joseph ‘Huckleberry” Lott, Jacob ‘Buck’ Lowe, and William “Wild Bill” Neff will go looking for Big Foot, one that people believe roams the hills of the Tygart Valley in West Virginia.

“”Before setting off, the AIMS team is given an old shoeshine box that belonged to their beloved late team leader, Trapper,” the press release continues.

“While they are unsure of what the contents of the box mean, they know there must be more to it after finding an old picture of Trapper sitting next to a Tygart Valley sign. So, they hit the road equipped with the box and determination to catch Bigfoot.”

What to expect from Mountain Monsters Season 8

Big Foot is just the start, as there are 10 new episodes coming for Mountain Monsters in Season 8.

“The AIMS team soon discover that they are in a cryptozoic creature hotspot unlike any other,” the press release announces.

“As they chase the numerous monsters of the Tygart Valley and build breathtaking traps, they continue to learn that Trapper may have been onto this secret all along, and the key to the entire adventure may be within their reach. Welcome to the biggest, baddest, and craziest season of Mountain Monsters yet.”

This season, the AIMS team will seek out the legendary Grafton Monster, there will be a tribute to Trapper on his birthday in Episode 5, and they will even bring a super fan along for the ride in the sixth episode.

Mountain Monsters Season 8 premieres on Travel Channel and Discovery+ on January 2, 2022.

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Brian Eli Huber
Brian Eli Huber
1 year ago

why does it saw season 6 on the discovery plus + app and where is season 7 and why did season 8 not start.