Moonshiners exclusive: Breaking the shiners’ code means Mike has a lighter at the ready

Mike Cockrell
Mike Cockrell is hinting at violence in our exclusive Moonshiners clip. Pic credit: Discovery

Moonshiners is back for a new episode tonight, and the fur is raised and the fight is on as territories are breached, and feathers ruffled.

Things get a bit testy in our exclusive clip ahead of the episode, and violence is hinted at, as Mike Cockrell scouts some multigrain mash and meets with a shiner who is selling outside of his designated area.

It’s a bit of a sting set up as the guy’s face is pixelated, and Mike concocts a deal after tasting his “multigrain.”

That ain’t good y’all. It breaks what Mike calls “the moonshiner’s code.”

In the clip below we see the whole thing unfold. “What in the world is all this?” asks Mike surveying the jars of shine, knowing full well what’s going on. When negotiating a price, Mike offers $40 after the mystery man asks $100 claiming “it costs a fortune” to make that little bit of distilled liquid in the jar.

“There’s something fishy in the damned water goin’ on…” Mike tells Jerry Benson inside the truck. He adds: “I think I just found it [red flag] on the front porch of this here man’s house.”

Jerry says: “How the hell is this inside of our territory?”

Therein lies the trouble as tonight we see how Mike and Jerry will resolve this shiner, who is selling the hooch off his porch and breaking the hallowed shiner’s code.

What is the Moonshiner’s Code?

In the cab, Mike Cockrell says: “Moonshiners code: We will not sell inside of each other’s territory.”

He adds: “I’m not accusing nobody or anything but I know in my heart and gut when it’s come from damn, well… I learned my lesson about making mistakes and stuff, but I still carry a lighter in my pocket.”

Sevier County Moonshiners Mike and Jerry have their own label, called Tennisippi Moonshine, and fans often find them filming in the ‘hood.

On their Facebook page, the two have amassed quite a video library and are in the shine-making business in a big fancy way:

Exclusive preview of Moonshiners:

Also on tonight’s episode, Mark and Digger head down to Georgia and uncover “Elvis,” Popcorn Sutton’s most prolific still.

Meanwhile, Tim and Tickle are at loggerheads and confused on what to do with their new backwoods shine they have created.

As we see in the clip, Mike plans and crafts some intense payback after discovering a rival’s not Kosher liquor sales are stealing his very own customers. A plan is hatched:

Moonshiners airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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