Moonshiners exclusive: Mark and Digger stumble on to moonshine history with new blood Kimbel

Mark Ramsey is impressed with Kimbel's work ethic, but cautions him about the lead soldering in his old still. Pic credit: Discovery.
Mark Ramsey is impressed with Kimbel’s work ethic, but cautions him about the lead soldering in his old still. Pic credit: Discovery

Imagine stumbling on to what looks like metal trash in the middle of the woods. On our exclusive clip for tonight’s enthralling edition of Moonshiners, show stars Digger Manes and Mark Ramsey are walking up to what looks to be an abandoned still or distilling rig left to age in the clearing.

Their companion is a new younger fellow named Kimbel who is a legacy moonshiner. Kimbel is relatively new to the core cast. His mission is he wants to uphold the ways of the Moonshiners and continue his grandfather’s illicit spirits making and hard work.

This delights Digger and Mark who worry that a whole generation of kids have absolutely zero interest in following in their footsteps.

What happens on Moonshiners?

A young outlaw with an old pot still earns an apprenticeship with Mark and Digger Manes. Kimbel is a young man who is proud to find his granddad’s still, but there’s a lead lining to this silver cloud.

The three are walking in the woods and together they muse on scary things that happen out there, with Digger saying the scariest thing is the law sneaking up on them with their badges out.

They come up to what is called a “laundry kit” which is a prohibition era copper still that was ordered out of a catalog as a washing machine of sorts and was soldered up to become a still.

Unfortunately, the soldering is made of lead, which can cause blindness and death. Digger and Mark inform Kimbel they cannot use that relic of Moonshiner history for modern still spirit making. But it sure would look great as decor in a bar or for a collector.

But the gumption that Kimbel shows Mark and Digger is impressive to these veterans, and the two men want to work with him and take him on as an apprentice.  Digger says Mark and he both need “to pass the torch” and Kimbel looks to be the one to receive it.

“Honestly this is a piece of Moonshine history” says Digger.  “This can’t ever be used for making liquor,” says Mark noting the toxicity of the lead seals.

They ask if Kimbel wants to make “lovin’ liquor or fightin’ liquor.” Who knew there was a choice?

Digger can usually be found making mash and slinging the funny lines. He was apprenticed under Popcorn Sutton, and is always refining his recipes and experimenting with Mark Ramsey to add new varietals and revolutionize the craft, as the flavor profiles of their mash are played with, shunning the traditional techniques for creating moonshine.

Also on tonight’s episode, Mountain man Mark Ramsey tackles a week-long run to hit an $18,000 order that includes special delivery. Also, in what appears to be a desperate attempt to fix his worm barrel, Josh Owens dives in headfirst.

Exclusive preview clip for tonight’s Moonshiners

Watch as Kimbel takes Digger and Mark to an isolated stretch of the woods where his grandfather’s old still is set up, and where he has already churned out some illegal shine.

But there is a history lesson and a caveat, he soon finds out…

Moonshiners airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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