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Michaela Clarke reflects on MAFS experience after her appearance on the kickoff special

Married at First Sight star Michaela Clarke shares a reflective post after recent appearance on kickoff special
Michaela Clarke talks about the MAFS experience. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13 star Michaela Clark made an appearance on the Boston kickoff special last night where she was joined by castmate Gil Cuero. After the special aired she shared a reflective post on social media about her time on the show.

Michaela posted a lengthy message and opened up about what she learned from the process despite an unsuccessful match by the MAFS experts.

During the eight-week experiment she was paired with Zack Freeman but the couple had a difficult time from the very beginning. However, it was Michaela’s explosive temper that had many viewers questioning why she was chosen for marriage.

Her husband Zack had his share of issues and after their tumultuous marriage played out during the season things ended on a bad note between them. These days Michaela isn’t on speaking terms with Zack and while their marriage was disastrous she learned a lot from the MAFS process.

Michaela Clarke reflects on MAFS experience

The Married at First Sight star just shared a lengthy post on Instagram.

“There are many different opinions about how each cast member managed themselves throughout the process and how we couldn’t possibly be so upset when things crumbled,” wrote Michaela. “Here’s the thing, this wasn’t a dating experiment. It’s a marriage experiment… and let me tell you @marriageaintforpunks, seriously.”

She continued, “Some of us left disappointed, heartbroken, frustrated, and confused. Marriage is a partnership and like any partnership, it takes all of the parties involved to be fully invested to make it work.”

Michaela also shared some wise words that she got from Pastor Cal Roberson’s wife, Wendy Roberson.

“She told me, ‘You are a wife until you are not.’ That message embedded itself into my very core. So many times I wanted to fall back into my old patterns and a few times I did. Falling into my old ways is what kept me in relationships with no substance or growth.”

“But practice makes progress… So I kept going even when everything in me wanted to resist and just ‘do me,'” added Michaela.

Michaela Clarke talks about changed behavior

The Married at First Sight star also acknowledged that her marriage to Zack Freeman didn’t work out but noted, “it doesn’t mean I didn’t walk away with the tools to build the married life I desire,” said Michaela.

“The fact that some of us left it all on the table when it came to advancing our marriage is a sign that we are deserving of a beautiful marriage… one day.” She continued, “So my focus is on knowing myself, knowing my triggers, setting my boundaries, being intentional with my words and my actions, and exploding with my good qualities.”

“Giving out verbal apologies is cool and all but changed behavior is the best apology,” added the MAFS star.

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5 at 8/7c on Lifetime.