Michaela Clark addresses depression and anxiety, says ‘dark humor is healing’

Michaela Clark
Michaela Clark touches on how dark humor helps in dark times. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13 star Michaela Clark has continued to address mental health and neurodivergence on her social media platforms. 

While some conversations surrounding those subjects are more serious, Michaela has also highlighted the importance of humor in healing from mental health issues, even if the humor is dark or ‘inappropriate.’

Michaela recently shared a video that captured her take on using humor to deal with depression and anxiety. 

Michaela Clark says ‘dark humor is healing’ 

Michaela Clark shared a TikTok to her Instagram where she mouthed audio of a woman seemingly pretending to talk to a therapist or mental health professional. 

In the video, Michaela mouths, “How do I deal with depression and anxiety? I laugh at inappropriate times and crack jokes on the internet. What you talking about? What you mean we undid eight months of work. It seems to be working, I ain’t on crack or in jail. You finna stop seeing me ain’t you? I knew it.” 


??????‍♀️ I’m alright!

♬ original sound – IndesKribeaBULL

Michaela included a caption on her Instagram post, writing, “I’m alright! Dark humor is healing lol,” with a series of laughing emojis and a shrug emoji. 

Michaela Clark's caption
Pic credit: @she_is_mic/Instagram

Michaela Clark focused on growth and healing after appearing on Married at First Sight 

Michaela was one of the more explosive personalities on Married at First Sight Season 13, as she often lived up to her nickname ‘Hurricane K.’

Her marriage with Zack Freeman was often rocky and tumultuous, with the two having some of the tensest arguments within the franchise. 

Despite their many fights, Michaela chose to say yes to Zack on Decision Day. On the other hand, Zack decided to say no even after raving about Michaela just before revealing his decision. 

During the MAFS Where Are They Now special, Michaela expressed her desire to heal and be better than how she behaved in her marriage to Zack. 

Michaela made it a priority to channel her emotions through healthier activities, such as fitness. 

Michaela also shared some significant news when she publicly announced that she was diagnosed with ADHD after Married at First Sight. 

Grappling with her ADHD was not always easy for Michaela, and she was often candid about her struggles and the tears she shed over the diagnosis. 

Now, Michaela continues to be outspoken about her healing and the ways in which she is committed to personal improvement. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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Bucket of Truth
Bucket of Truth
1 year ago

I love how acting like a complete undeveloped idiot, is now cause for sympathy under the guise of mental illness. Damn shame.