Michael Morency expresses gratitude for Married at First Sight experiences

Michael Morency
Michael Morency is grateful for Married at First Sight experience and costars. Pic credit: @michaeldmorency/Instagram

Michael Morency was finally able to make his social media accounts public as Married at First Sight Season 14 officially ended. 

Michael took time to reflect on his Married at First Sight experience and share his thoughts with his ever-growing followers. 

Despite Michael’s MAFS experience ending in divorce, he still felt grateful for the ride. 

Michael Morency reacts to his MAFS experience 

Michael Morency took to his Instagram page to share photos and videos from his MAFs experience. 

Michael opened the post with a promotional photo of himself and ex-wife Jasmina Outar in their wedding attire. 

The second slide featured a video of all the husbands from the MAFS Season 14 cast as he expressed love for all the men and their support throughout the process, calling them his brothers. 

Other photos and videos included the cast, a dog, and Jasmina giving Michael a peck on the cheek during their wedding day. 

Michael captioned the post, “Man.. if I could use one word to describe this whole experience it would be GRATEFUL. Grateful to my MAFS family my sisters and brothers @chris__collette @mts550 @olajuwon_dickerson @therealstevemoy @thenurselindsey @hello_noizy @alyssa_rescues @__slimmgoodie for sharing this experience with me.”

Thanking his biological family and friends, Michael wrote, “My real sisters and brothers and friends who have become just as popular as I’ve become on the show ) for the wealth of advice and unwavering support they’ve given me throughout this journey.”

Michael thanks the show for putting up with him, stating, “My producer and the whole production staff and their patience for putting up with my attitude and my unwillingness to share at times or for the ridiculous amount of times I’d forget my diary cams lol.”

Michael also thanked the experts, writing, “The experts for their words of wisdom and their exercises which without them I’m sure we wouldn’t have made it past our one month anniversary. @iamcalvinroberson @dr_pepper_schwartz @doctorviviana.”

Michael Morency thanks ex-wife Jasmina Outar 

Finally, Michael addressed Jasmina, who he was matched and married to. While the two didn’t work out, they seem now at peace with each other and how their journey ended.

Michael wrote, “To Jas, for being a part of this journey with me . Neither of us wanted our story to end the way it did. But God/ universe has as other plans for us. He made us crossed paths for a reason and I’m sure that reason will become even more apparent as time passes. And if all craziness, the arguments , the stress, the tears was payment for growth I’ve experienced I would do it all over again.”

Michael concluded his heartwarming post, “As I close this chapter I’m excited to see who and what’s in store for me next. ??.”

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, on Lifetime. 

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2 years ago

I felt sorry for him during this show…he was connected to a manipulator who played her cards close to her chest to portray him as the bad guy…he may not have been the best but he was and is a decent man and did not desire the treatment being handed to him…for some reason Jasimina thought being attractive made her appear great, her attitude and lack of interconnection with a human being being made her very unattractive and no better then Alyssa or Lindsey…

1 year ago

Michael, you are a good man who was treated poorly. I wish you well. Oh, and don’t bother trying to come to some kind of resolution with your ex., with her attitude, it will never happen. You might as well be talking to a badger.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tim