Meri Brown’s daughter, Mariah, tells her she’s proud of her after motivational Instagram post

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Meri Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Meri Brown took to Instagram on Friday night to promote positivity, self-improvement, and the “little wins” in life with a long-winded motivational post that included a casual photo of her posing for fans.

Mariah tells Meri she loves her and is proud of her

Meri’s only biological daughter, Mariah, commented on her mom’s inspirational post, simply commenting, “i love you mom. i’m so proud of you.”

Meri wrote back, saying, “I love you!!” followed by five multi-colored hearts.

In Meri’s lengthy post, she said, “The past year has been, well, it’s been a year! I’m sure you can relate!”

Meri continued in her post, “I had some experiences in the past year that really caused me to look inward, look in the mirror, figure some things out, figure ME out. I’ve been taking time to improve myself, do a lot of introspection and self evaluation,” likely alluding to the conflicted relationship between her and Kody.

She goes on to say she’s been reading, listening to podcasts, and meditating.

She then talks about life’s little wins: “I was listening to something this morning, talking about the wins in our lives and how not everything has to be a big win. Life is about the little wins, the small things on the daily. The consistent small steps. The picking yourself up when you fall. Sometimes I look at my days and don’t consider it a win, but I’ve been inspired to find something in each day that is a win.”

She then shared a personal anecdote about her friend helped her in a time of need.

“I was thinking about yesterday and what could be considered it’s win. It was me seeing something that hurt, and that could have caused me to spiral really far and really hard, but in that moment I took to Marco Polo and my BFF, dumped a bit, shed a couple tears, did some self reflection and took some time to myself, and the spiral wasn’t big, it wasn’t deep, and it wasn’t severe. I call that a win,” she shared.

She then shared a motivational message with her fans.

“Celebrate your wins!” She exclaimed. “Celebrate the things you do each day! If your win today is getting out of bed and getting dressed, celebrate yourself for that! If it looks like passing that college exam, yippee, you did it! It doesn’t matter, just celebrate the amazing person you are and the amazing things you do. We’re so often celebrating the things others do (and sisters, don’t stop that because we needs our girls to have our backs) but don’t forget to love and celebrate yourself too, because you deserve it!”

Meri and Mariah haven’t always had a smooth mother-daughter bond

When Mariah came out as gay to the family in 2017, Meri’s initial reaction was not what Mariah had hoped from her mom as Meri sat in shock while other family members hugged and consoled Mariah. Meri’s reaction, or lack thereof, put a strain on their relationship.

There was also the catfish scandal that tore the two apart. Mariah insisted that Meri stop playing the victim and struggled to forgive her.

Then there was that time they clashed in Chicago because Meri offered to throw two wedding showers for Mariah and Audrey, but Mariah defiantly rejected the idea.

Meri was recently seen in a preview clip saying, “I can’t make him love me,” talking about her estranged husband, Kody. Although she has repeatedly tried to convince audiences that she and Kody are still together and things are fine, Kody has recently come out saying otherwise.

Meri’s post was met by followers with both adoration and disappointment about Kody and her staying with him. Many viewers chose to focus on showing their appreciation for Meri and Mariah’s improved relationship in response to Mariah’s comment.

Meri Brown posts on Instagram
Meri’s daughter, Mariah, posted a heartfelt comment on her Instagram post. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown / Instagram

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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