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Melody spills about Ceaser and Kitty on Black Ink Crew

Melody loves some gossip
Melody loves some gossip

This week on Black Ink Crew, it’s party time for the crew at DMX’s birthday bash and Melody spills on what Ceaser and Kitty got up to in the car.

If Caeser wants Miss Kitty to be his brand ambassador he’d better keep her safe from getting a slap on the face.

Ceaser tries to placate Kit after the altercation at the party
Ceaser tries to placate Kit after the altercation at the party

That’s what Kit tells him as she leaves the party but you can tell she has a real soft spot for Ceaser and she accepts his offer to drive her home.

However, it seems Melody had her eyes on the scene and tells the rest of the crew all about the kissing that was going on. The crew are keen to know the level of this encounter and she assures them it was full on tongue action.

Kitty and Ceaser up a tree
Kitty and Ceaser up a tree

Also on this episode, Nikkis gets news via a blast from the past and Sky ruins a posh dinner.

Last week Ceaser found himself in the friend zone with Tatu Baby.

Black Ink Crew airs on Wednesdays at 8 PM on VH1.

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