Melissa Gorga weighs in on Teresa Giudice’s new boyfriend Luis Ruelas

Melissa Gorga seems happy about Teresa Giudice's new love
Melissa Gorga comments on Teresa Giudice’s new relationship. Pic credit Bravo

Melissa Gorga is dishing about her sister-in-law’s new boyfriend, and we’re guessing she approves of the hookup.

We recently shared that Teresa is now dating New Jersey-based businessman, Luis Ruelas.

The mom-of-four has been alone for quite some time while being separated from ex-husband, Joe Giudice for several years.

Now, the former couple has finalized their divorce and the Real Housewives of New Jersey OG can officially move on with her life.

And, she’s doing just that with a new man in tow.

Furthermore, it seems as if her family is giving her the thumbs up on her new relationship.

Melissa Gorga comments on Teresa’s relationship

During an Instagram live video last night Melissa Gorga commented on her sister-in-law’s relationship.

While chatting with Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Jen Shah, the mom-of-three was asked how Teresa is doing.

“Teresa’s good,” responded Gorga while laughing. ” She’s got her little boyfriend…She’s good.”

She didn’t dive much further into the couple’s relationship, but her cheeky smile is proof that she approves of Teresa’s new man.

And, the new divorcee is sharing her relationship with the world as well.

The 58-year-old has made her relationship Facebook official by posting a photo of her and Ruelas on the social media platform, soon after news broke about the two.

Also, Melissa Gorga is not the only one cheering for the new couple.

It seems Luis’ ex-wife is quite happy for them as well.

The ex-wife of Teresa’s boyfriend gives her blessing

Although their marriage ended in divorce, it seems there’s no bad blood between Teresa’s new beau and his ex-wife.

Matter of fact the woman, whose name is Marisa, recently spoke with In Touch, proclaiming her happiness for the Luis and the RHONJ alum.

I’m really happy for Teresa and Luis. I’m happy for him,” she says. “Luis is actually the father of my children, and he’s a really good person.”

Marisa also told the media outlet that things did not end because of any wrongdoing by Luis.

And, she reassured Real Housewives of New Jersey fans that there was indeed an amicable end to her marriage with her ex-husband.

She also shared that Teresa does not have to be on guard for any red flags where Luis is concerned.

“In general, we got married, we were very young and had babies and then it fell apart, as normal things happen,” noted Marisa.

However, she explained that she and her ex and doing well, saying “We’re very good with each other, and that’s basically it.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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