Melissa Gorga had to drag husband Joe offstage during failed comedy gig

Melissa Gorga from RHONJ had to pull husband Joe Gorga off-stage during comedy show.
Joe started to curse at audience members after his routine failed miserably. Pic credit: @melissagorga/Instagram

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga had to drag her husband Joe Gorga offstage at his failed comedy gig.

Joe has traded in reality TV cameras for the comedy stage. The Bravo personality has been traveling across the country to pursue his passion of being a comedian.

It turns out that the reception to Joe’s shtick at one show was far from a rave. Things got so bad Melissa literally had to drag her husband offstage to save him from further embarrassment and outrage from the audience.

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Why did Melissa Gorga drag her husband Joe offstage during failed comedy gig?

TMZ released a video of Melissa dragging her husband Joe offstage as he bombed during a failed comedy gig.

The footage begins with the audience talking as Joe’s trying to do his gig. Joe repeatedly says, ” are you guys ready,” before telling a joke about his friend that completely bombed.

Then the RHONJ star started cursing at the crowd.

“Listen, you mother fu**ers,” he yelled before going off on a more explicit rant at the crowd.

At one point, Joe’s friend tries to pull him off stage, but Joe completely ignores him. Then Melissa got involved taking a different approach than Joe’s pal.

“I swear he usually cracks us up with a routine that makes us all laugh in tears every night,” Melissa told the audience before grabbing Joe and leaving the stage.

What did Joe say about the comedy show?

The embarrassing gig took place at Governors’ Comedy Club in Long Island. It didn’t take long for the video to start making the rounds, prompting Joe to share his side of the story.

Joe’s tour manager released a statement to Page Six addressing the incident.

“This was not my typical show. As I share my many life lessons in my stand-up routine, now I can add this one – don’t mix alcohol with Sudafed. This was not a common occurrence for me – I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to let my fans down. I had been taking Sudafed and had a couple of scotches before I went on stage, as I normally do. Unfortunately, my body did not react well to the mix,” the statement read.

'RHONJ' Star Joe Gorga Curses at Crowd During Stand-Up Comedy

Yes, it seems Joe was feeling under the weather ahead of the show. The statement lines up with Melissa asking him what he took backstage in the video. Joe further shared that his wife came up on stage because she had never seen him like this before.

“I have directly responded to my fans who were there and reached out to me. I started my comedy tour to share my stories and to make people laugh. As I continue my tour, I look forward to providing people with the authentic, fun, and raw Joe Gorga they deserve,” Joe’s statement ended.

Melissa Gorga from The Real Housewives of New Jersey had to drag Joe Gorga off stage when his comedy routine bombed. Perhaps she will address the incident on her new podcast, Melissa Gorga, On Display.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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