Meg Maley from Big Brother 17 getting married this weekend to Survivor winner Mike Holloway

Meg Maley On BB17
Meg Maley from Big Brother 17 is getting married to a Survivor winner. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 17 cast member Meg Maley is ready to get married to Survivor winner Mike Holloway.

It was on the Summer 2015 season of the show where Big Brother fans got to know Meg. As a member of the BB17 cast, she even received the nickname Grandma due to how she acted in the house.

During her time in the game, Meg worked with James Huling, Jackie Ibarra, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Jason Roy before she got clipped by poker player Vanessa Rousso.

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Meg finished in eighth place and became a member of the BB17 jury. On finale night, Meg voted for Steve Moses, who ended up becoming the Big Brother 17 winner.

Meg Maley is getting married

“Convinced him to sign the dotted line.. Ready for the weekend!! ???‍♀️?,” Meg captioned a photo she posted on Instagram that showed herself and her man holding up their certificate of marriage.

As for who she is marrying, his full name is Michael Anthony Loving Holloway. Meg has made no secret of her love for Michael and she often posts about him on social media. Now, she is getting ready to become a Holloway.

Meg also recently shared a lot of photos from her bridal party.

“I’ll be staring at photos from this weekend for the next 40 years. Heart is so full. So thankful for the love and having the weirdest-in-the-BEST-way bridal party… One step closer to Mrs. Holloway ❤️,” Meg captioned another post on her Instagram page.

Many Big Brother 17 weddings

It was less than a year ago that fellow BB17 cast member Clay Honeycutt got married. He tied the knot with Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Ashley Prochazka.

And that wasn’t even the most recent wedding to take place for someone from Big Brother 17.

Becky Burgess got married in June, with several other members of the BB17 cast in attendance. That included the Nolan twins, Liz and Julia, as well as a few other recognizable faces.

It seems that 2021 has become the year of love for these former houseguests and we can’t help but wonder who might be next.

They aren’t a part of the Big Brother 17 season, but there are some other newly engaged Big Brother couples. Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett from BB22 got engaged, and so did Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans from BB20.

And every Big Brother fan already knows that Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo from BB18 just got married.

When it comes to love connections, there might not be a reality show around that has a better track record than Big Brother.

Big Brother - Grandma Meg

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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