Meat Loaf to appear on Ghost Hunters in one of final appearances before death

Meat Loaf on Ghost Hunters
Meat Loaf on Ghost Hunters. Pic credit: Discovery+

Less than one month after Meat Loaf died, he will have a posthumous appearance on the world’s most popular ghost hunting show.

Discovery announced that Meat Loaf would make one of his final appearances before his death on the hit series Ghost Hunters.

Here is what you can expect to see and when Meat Loaf will appear on the Ghost Hunters series.

Meat Loaf to appear on Ghost Hunters

Meat Loaf first joined the Ghost Hunters on an investigation in 2009 and worked with the TAPS team on numerous investigations. 

The singer had always loved the supernatural, with his first album Bat Out of Hell showing his appreciation of all things scary.

Meat Loaf, who was a longtime friend of Jason Hawes, joined TAPS for a final time in September 2021 to investigate an old farmhouse in Tennessee.

Rumors of terrifying activity plagued the property for decades, but the new owners want to reassure the community that their home doesn’t harbor dangerous entities.

Discovery will bring this episode with the late singer to fans on Saturday, February 12, on Discovery+.

Original Ghost Hunters members Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango, along with Shari DeBenedetti, reunited to revisit their most chilling cases and investigate disturbing new hauntings.

The reboot follows the team as they crisscross the country searching for answers in the nation’s most haunted locations.

Joining the core team are a host of experts from different paranormal backgrounds that add their own points of view and prowess to each unique case, with Meat Loaf on this weekend’s episode.

Meat Loaf’s past with Ghost Hunters

Travel Channel, which is owned by Discovery, Inc., released a preview on their Facebook page.

“A lot of people don’t realize with Meat Loaf that he’s been investigating claims of the paranormal for a long time,” Hawes said in the clip. “That’s actually what sparked our friendship, and we’ve been hanging out ever since.”

As for Meat Loaf, “I am so incredibly honored and thankful to Jason and the team for inviting me out again.”

In 2009, Meat Loaf appeared on the episode Bat Out of Hell, where they investigated a haunted private island in Thousand Islands, NY.

In 2010, he was back with Ghost Hunters in Sloss Furnace, where they investigated the Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Ghost Hunters The Haunted House on the Hill will begin streaming on Discovery on Saturday, February 12.

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