Meat Loaf to appear on Ghost Hunters in one of final appearances before death

Less than one month after Meat Loaf died, he will have a posthumous appearance on the world’s most popular ghost hunting show. Discovery announced that Meat Loaf would make one of his final appearances before his death on the hit series Ghost Hunters. Here is what you can expect to see and when Meat Loaf


Amy Bruni and Adam Berry on the Ghost Hunters discovery+ revival, respecting cultural differences while investigating, and keeping their passion alive

Coming in hot with a Halloween air date, discovery+ shocked fans with a revival of the acclaimed paranormal investigative series Ghost Hunters. Stars of the hit show, Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and Shari DeBenedetti, lead the series alongside numerous special guests, including Kindred Spirits’ Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. Since it first aired


Exclusive interview: Ghost Hunters Shari DeBenedetti on the new season

The OGs of ghost hunting are back on Discovery+. The famous Ghost Hunters have beefed up their ranks and are ghost-hunting in jails, mental institutions, bed and breakfast spots, and homes.  TAPS member Shari DeBenedetti rejoins Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and the gang as they take us to the Missouri State Pen in the premiere,

Rockwood Mansion investigated in last ever episode of Ghost Hunters on Syfy

The final ever episode of Ghost Hunters on Syfy follows the TAPS team as they head to the Rockwood Mansion, Delaware, where legend has it a little boy and woman haunt the historic house. Now a museum and park, the house dates back to 1850s and was built in the gothic revival style by merchant banker and Quaker Joseph

Ghost Hunters investigate haunting at Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut

On this week’s episode of Ghost Hunters, the team at The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) looked into the reported haunting of the 1920s Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut. The story goes that a well-to-do New London whaling family lived in a mansion where the theatre was built. It seems they are not happy and are

Medical experiments send the Ghost Hunters underground

In this episode the Ghost Hunters team head to a house once owned by a surgeon that is reported to be haunted by the spirits of his research subjects. The eminent doctor is said to have conducted various research on dead bodies and it seems not all of them are resting easy. The team head


Haunted Rhode Island library in Ghost Hunters

Tonight on Ghost Hunters, The Atlantic Paranormal Society reports from Westerly Library in Westerly, Rhode Island, where there are more than books to check out. It might sound like the library scene from Ghostbusters but the reports of paranormal activity at this library are anything but a joke. The TAPS team wonder if the fact a former-nearby

Ghost Hunters investigate paranormal activity at jail John Dillinger escaped from

Tonight the TAPS team from Ghost Hunters heads to The Old Lake Country Jail where they investigate reports of paranormal activity. The Old Lake Country Jail is in Crown Point, Indiana and is famous for its association with bank robber John Dillinger. The jail was supposed to be escape proof but Dillinger but on March 3rd, 1934