Ghost Adventures heads to Reseda where an evil house turns people into junkies and suicides

Ghost Adventures
Ghost Adventures heads to a house in Reseda, California where everything is just bad

Tonight on Ghost Adventures the team head to Reseda, Cal., where a house is said to be saturated with evil and dread.

Zak tells us that the place is crazy and that the owner is a mess because whatever is inside the house is really giving him problems.

The team really want to help as the owner says he feels the energy every day, bringing him down.

People are said to have been possessed and there has been multiple suicides.

The Ghost Adventures team does some digging and the research turns up there was a major earthquake centered right on the spot and in the past Native American burial ground were located nearby.

Zak also says some of what they found out is truly shocking, tune in tonight to find out what the team have discovered about this very creepy house.

Catch Ghost Adventures – Reseda House of Evil tonight at 9 PM on Travel.

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