Ghost Hunters investigate paranormal activity at jail John Dillinger escaped from

Ghost Hunters and John Dillinger
Ghost Hunters investigate paranormal activity at a jail made famous by John Dillinger

Tonight the TAPS team from Ghost Hunters heads to The Old Lake Country Jail where they investigate reports of paranormal activity.

The Old Lake Country Jail is in Crown Point, Indiana and is famous for its association with bank robber John Dillinger.

The jail was supposed to be escape proof but Dillinger but on March 3rd, 1934 he and his cell mate managed to get out. Dillinger was eventually gunned down outside a cinema in Chicago after being turned in by an associate.

Witnesses have reported violent and aggressive behaviour manifesting itself with sealed areas and doors being opened.

Another team investigating the jail

The haunted house sleuths also head to My Old Kentucky Home, where over a dozen people died in a 24 hour period after they caught cholera.

Ghost Hunters
Did this doll belong to a victim, it is said to move

Catch Ghost Hunters – Public Poltergeist Number 1 tonight at 9 PM on Syfy.

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