Haunted Rhode Island library in Ghost Hunters

ghost Hunters Westerly Library in Westerly, Rhode Island
Westerly Library in Westerly, Rhode Island, is the subject of the Ghost Hunters’ attention tonight

Tonight on Ghost Hunters, The Atlantic Paranormal Society reports from Westerly Library in Westerly, Rhode Island, where there are more than books to check out.

It might sound like the library scene from Ghostbusters but the reports of paranormal activity at this library are anything but a joke.

The TAPS team wonder if the fact a former-nearby building was once used as a temporary morgue for around 100 people could be the cause of the activity.

Back in 1938 the New England hurricane killed around 600 people, with most of them perishing on Rhode Island. Did the spirits maybe travel across and get trapped in the building?

Perhaps the sightings are related to a former employee or even a user of the library.

As they explore the team hear weird noises and possibly a voice…

Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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