Maurissa Gunn opens up about having ‘really really bad social anxiety’

Maurissa Gunn
Maurissa Gunn gets vulnerable about her mental health. Pic credit: ABC

Maurissa Gunn continues to vulnerably share her life with friends and followers after officially announcing her split from ex-fiance Riley Christian. 

Recently, Maurissa opened up about her anxiety and the victory she accomplished by getting out of the house. 

Maurissa Gunn details her social anxiety 

Maurissa Gunn took to her Instagram stories to document her trip to the gym and provide some insight into her mental health. 

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Maurissa looked nice and put together as she told her followers, “Alright. Proof that sometimes I actually do brush my hair and sometimes I actually leave my house. So here we go.”

While Maurissa was in the car she explained why her trip to the gym was more meaningful than it might initially appear.

Maurissa revealed, “So the reason I make such a big deal about me leaving the house and driving is because I have really really bad social anxiety so it’s really hard for me to leave the house, especially alone.” 

On top of having social anxiety that makes it hard for her to leave home, Maurissa also shared that she has anxiety around driving. 

Maurissa expressed, “And I hate driving, period.  And driving gives me really bad anxiety so I’m working on it. But today I got in my car and I drove to the gym. So here we are.”

Maurissa Gunn IG story
Pic credit: @maurissagunn/Instagram

Maurissa then shared a quick glimpse of her time at the gym, inspiring those who can relate to having anxiety and having to muster up extra strength to keep going and get out into the world. 

Natasha Parker provides insight into Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian split

Bachelor Nation fell in love with Riley and Maurissa’s love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. 

The pair hit it off quickly on the island and their engagement at the end of the season was a historic one as they became the first-ever Black couple to get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise and within the entire franchise as a whole. 

With so many rooting for Riley and Maurissa to succeed, Bachelor Nation was devastated to learn that the two had opted to call off their engagement and go their separate ways. 

Natasha Parker had a chance to speak to Maurissa post-breakup and she relayed some further insight into what could have potentially contributed to Maurissa and Riley’s split.

Natasha noted that Maurissa quickly moved in with Riley after getting engaged and she became so involved in his life that she missed her family and friends. 

Time will tell if Maurissa decides to share more. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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