Natasha Parker spills more details on Maurissa Gunn’s split from Riley Christian

Natasha Parker
Natasha Parker chats with Maurissa Gunn after her breakup. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 star Natasha Parker recently offered up more insight into the breakup between historic Bachelor Nation couple Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian.

After speaking to her fellow BIP costar Maurissa Gunn, Natasha was able to relay some details that may have played a part in Maurissa and Riley’s relationship coming to an end. 

Natasha Parker shares why Riley and Maurissa waited to announce their breakup 

Natasha Parker spoke about Maurissa and Riley’s breakup during the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast. 

Natasha confirmed that Maurissa and Riley broke up a while back despite only officially announcing their breakup in a joint statement recently. 

Natasha shared, “I finally talked to Maurissa the other day. She did clarify they broke up a little while ago.” 

As to why Maurissa and Riley waited a while to go public with their split, Natasha shared that Riley and Maurissa held off because they wanted to be certain they were going their separate ways for good.

Natasha also added, “[Maurissa] was just saying how there was so much that happened between them that they kind of just wanted to keep it between each other.”

Maurissa Gunn reportedly has no regrets after split from Riley Christian 

Many Bachelor Nation fans who were rooting for Riley and Maurissa to go the distance have been curious as to what reasons led to the couples’ split, especially after both had shared ominous and cryptic messages about relationships in the weeks leading up to their breakup announcement. 

Natasha wasn’t able to definitively say what led to the end of the relationship, but after speaking with Maurissa, Natasha expressed, “I think that they just have very different lives, at least from my understanding of what she was saying. She completely integrated into his life and I think that she kind of missed her family, she missed her friends.”

After getting engaged on Bachelor in Paradise and becoming the first Black couple to ever get engaged within the franchise, Maurissa moved from Atlanta to New York to live with Riley. Being further away from her family in Montana and making such a quick and drastic move to bustling New York may have taken a toll on Maurissa, according to Natasha. 

Natasha shared, “Moving to New York is not easy. It’s just not an easy thing. It’s a hard city if you’re not used to it.” 

Continuing to reflect on Maurissa and Riley, Natasha added, “You guys are figuring it out and you spend a lot of time together. But [Maurissa] went full throttle. She put her all in and it didn’t work out. She told me she has no regrets and I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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