Matt Roloff reacts to LPBW critic who scolds him for letting Jackson scare the chickens

matt roloff from little people big world
Matt responds to those who criticize him for letting his grandson, Jackson, scare the chickens. Pic credit: TLC

Matt Roloff has clapped back at a follower who has criticized him for allowing his grandson to scare the chickens on their farm.

The Roloff family farm has been a crucial aspect of the show, Little People Big World since it began airing back in 2006.

The series first followed Matt and Amy Roloff, both of whom have dwarfism, as they raised their four children, twins, Zach and Jeremy, daughter, Molly, and youngest son, Jacob. Zach is the only Roloff child to also have dwarfism.

In the years since the show first aired, all four Roloff children have married and a couple have started families of their own. This includes Zach and his wife Tori who have two children, Jackson and Lilah.

In recent seasons, fans have watched Matt embrace being a grandparent and spoiling his grandchildren.

However, it seems that not all fans of the show appreciate the relationship between them, and Matt doesn’t have time for the drama.

Matt claps back at scolding follower

Matt posted a sweet video clip of him, his girlfriend Caryn, and Jackson as they collected eggs laid by hens on the farm.

He captioned the post, “Jackson and ChaCha are finally getting fresh eggs from their little Bantams.”

The video shows Caryn walking over to the chicken coup with Jackson, who walks in amongst the chickens. Jackson can then be seen running after one of them.

While some followers said they found Jackson to be hilarious, one particularly ticked follower felt otherwise.

“If you want eggs stop letting jackson scarring the crap out of those chickens,” they wrote.

In response, Matt clapped back, stating, “the life lessons he’s learning (being comfortable with our farm animals) is far more important to us then a few egg cycles. We have plenty of eggs to eat and local giveaways…But only one chance to allow Jackson to be a youngster.”


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The Roloff family has seen big changes in recent years

Throughout the show’s many seasons, fans have watched as the kids have all grown up, married, and a couple have started families of their own.

Unfortunately, Amy and Matt’s marriage ended in divorce, and each has moved on with new partners.

Amy’s fiance Chris and Matt’s girlfriend Caryn have been featured on the show in recent years.

The show’s more recent seasons have also kept up with this drama, watching as the family navigates new waters, including whether or not to keep the family farm.

Amy has since sold her portion of the farm back to Matt and has moved off the property.

In other Roloff news, their youngest son, Jacob, recently released a statement claiming that he had been molested by one of the show’s executive producers.

The family has since rallied around Jacob to show their support.

Little People Big World is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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