Mary Cosby confronts Jen Shah at RHOSLC reunion, says ‘I trigger her’

RHOSLC star Mary Cosby thinks Jen Shah is triggered by her
Mary Cosby confronted Jen Shah at the RHOSLC reunion. Pic credit:Bravo

Mary Cosby did not come to play at The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion.

As a matter of fact, the newly minted reality star was probably more vocal at the reunion than she’s been all season.

Mary seems to be having regrets about not standing up to Jen Shah while they were filming the show.

The two women had a falling out early on in the season, and despite trying to make amends, Jen could not let things go.

The 48-year-old took aim at Mary every chance she got, and after several altercations, Mary decided to distance herself from Jen.

Unfortunately, that also meant distancing herself from the other women in the group. And by mid-season, we only saw Mary in her closet having phone conversations with one castmate or another.

The First Lady didn’t even show up for the cast trip to Vegas in order to avoid a confrontation with Jen.

However, Mary certainly showed up and showed out at the RHOSLC reunion.

Mary confronts Jen Shah at RHOSLC reunion

Part 1 of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion aired last night, and it gave us plenty to talk about.

Mary may have avoided her costar all season, but she was more than ready for her at the reunion.

While throwing out a fan question, Andy Cohen asked the mom-of-two if she’s always been temperamental–referring to Jen’s ability to go from zero to 100 in an instant.

“I think she’s more temperamental at me than anyone else,” interjected Mary. “When my name comes it’s a trigger for her.”

Is Jen Shah triggered by Mary Cosby?

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star didn’t hold back during her face-off with Jen Shah.

And her stance is that the brunette beauty is triggered by her.

It’s certainly not a far-fetched assumption as Jen flew off the handle every time someone mentioned Mary’s name.

As a matter of fact, the self-proclaimed Queen B seemed to want her castmates to choose her over their friendship with Mary.

But last night, the Utah Housewife called out Jen for her behavior.

And some of her RHOSLC castmates agree that Mary’s name is indeed a trigger.

“I agree 100 percent. Your name triggers Jen,” responded Whitney Rose when Mary threw out the question to her castmates.

Heather Gay also remarked, “Oh absolutely, 100 percent.”

However, Jen denied the claim.

“It’s not about Mary,” said the Salt Lake City Housewife. “I was triggered by instances–like the whole hospital thing and the luncheon. But Mary herself doesn’t trigger me.”

However Mary wasn’t buying Jen’s explanation.

“I trigger her,” reiterated Mary.

Do you think that Mary Cosby is a trigger for Jen?

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

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