Mary Cosby accused of calling out parishioners for being ‘stingy,’ not giving enough for her birthday

Mary Cosby on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
An audio clip that is said to be Mary Cosby has been released. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby is receiving backlash as a video surfaced of her allegedly berating her parishioners for not giving enough money for her birthday.

Bravo blogger account ILiveForBravo uploaded an audio recording of the rant that has been attributed to Mary to its Instagram account.

The first page of the post declares that Mary yelled at her parishioners after they reportedly donated thousands to her church bi-weekly.

“Swipe for video of (allegedly) Mary chastising her parishioners because they don’t tithe was [sic] much as she wants,” the Bravo blogger captioned the post.

“You think I’m stupid? You’re not in church. Coming in here draining me. I ain’t preaching over y’all’s sin,” Mary reprimanded in the audio recording. “I’m doing everything else. Y’all ain’t helping. Halfway pay your tithes. I got 14 birthday cards!”

“Your old stingy selves!” Mary escalated. “You old poor people! I don’t want no poor people around me!… And if you ain’t poor, you’re stingy. Cause you’re still poor! God said you was poor. Said you’re reaping.”

A member of Mary’s church had posted the video to Reddit.

When asked about the origins, the poster cited the church and gave a lengthy criticism of Mary’s leadership.

“This is from our church! Faith Temple,” the poster explained. “That is Mary scolding people for not giving her more money. This is what we dealt with regularly from her.”


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How Mary inherited the church

Mary explained on RHOSLC that she inherited Faith Temple in a very unusual way.

Her grandmother founded the church and quickly prospered from it along with her other businesses.

Mary’s grandmother married her second husband, Robert Cosby after she founded the church. During her final days, she told Mary that she wanted Mary to marry her husband so that she could inherit her businesses and lead the church.

Thus, Mary married her step-grandfather. At the time, it caused a huge strain on her family and her mother, who thought she would inherit the church, cut ties completely.

Mary’s marriage

Mary has admitted numerous times on RHOSLC that marrying her step-grandfather was “weird.”

She confessed that she didn’t initially want to marry Robert and had to seek help from God to come to terms with it.

She explained that she initially avoided sex with Robert— even on their wedding night.

However, Mary revealed that she has since come around and is now thankful for her arranged marriage to Robert.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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