Married at First Sight spoilers: Johnny calls Bao a liar, blasts ‘controlling, manipulative’ MAFS wife

MAFS Bao looks defeated
Things are not looking good for Bao and Johnny Pic credit: Lifetime

The Season 13 trailer for tonight’s new Married At First Sight episode reveals things between Bao and Johnny might be coming to a head.

In a trailer providing a sneak peek of tonight’s new episode, Johnny Lam drops some serious bombs about his wife Bao. As Johnny speaks to the cameras he calls Bao “controlling, calculating and manipulative” and goes on to say that he “doesn’t want that in a wife.”

Well, that certainly escalated quickly.

Johnny accuses Bao of being ‘manipulative’

Johnny’s venting session appears to be in response to comments Bao made to the other couples over a group dinner. Bao talked about having to “romance” Johnny by initiating intimacy, cooking gourmet dinners, etc. As she is telling this to the other MAFS Season 13 couples, Johnny sits silently beside her, angrily tearing up rose petals. Not a good sign.

The MAFS trailer then reveals Johnny venting to Jose outside the restaurant, telling him that what Bao is saying is a “complete lie.” Uh oh.

Johnny then begins a diatribe to the cameras, listing Bao’s shortcomings and how he does not want those qualities in a wife.

Bao and Johnny’s ups and downs are confusing fans

Wait, wait wait. We are confused. Wasn’t this couple just cozying up in bathrobes together on the couch, and getting so hot and heavy in the bedroom that the cameras had to leave? What happened here? How did these two go from dirty dice to dirty fighting tactics seemingly overnight?

While this new turn of events is unexpected, it is not totally surprising given the up and down nature of Bao and Johnny’s relationship so far.

The couple experienced their first highs and lows as early as their honeymoon when Johnny laid down the law about his hygiene expectations and showering regiments and Bao did not seem to agree. Johnny began to question his marriage to Bao and revealed he felt the honeymoon had been a bit of a roller coaster.

Upon returning home from the honeymoon, Johnny then dropped the bomb that he would not be staying at the couple’s shared apartment and would be going home to “reset.”

When he returned he admitted he was not attracted to some of Bao’s mannerisms, and it seemed like all hope for the couple was lost.

But wait, they weren’t done yet. An intimacy exercise assigned by the show’s experts brought the pair’s relationship back from the brink. The exercise ignited a spark that soon turned into the flames of passion as the two heated things up in the bedroom. But many fans wondered if Bao and Johnny’s relationship was love or lust.

Now it seems the couple’s relationship has spiraled into another low and fans are just confused.

The fans can’t seem to keep up with whether the couple is in a good place or a bad place, and the majority of the confusion is due to Johnny’s hot and cold nature.

While Bao and Johnny may be confusing to us and the fans, think how confusing it must be to be in that relationship!

Hopefully, tonight’s episode will bring some clarity on if the pair will end up as blissful newlyweds or fresh divorcees.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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