Married At First Sight recap: New round of weddings brings all the tea, tears and toasts

Myrla looks out the window in her wedding dress
Myrla looks hopefully out the window in her wedding gown Pic credit: Lifetime

MAFS Season 13’s second round of weddings brought all the tea, tears and toasts that we’ve come to expect from a Married at First Sight wedding. Let’s take a look at what this week’s episode brought us.

Bao and Johnny participate in a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony

For the first time in MAFS history, an Asian American couple not only was matched but brought a piece of their culture to the MAFS big screen. Season 13’s Bao and Johnny both requested a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony following their wedding. The couple served tea to their parents, honored their ancestors, and wore matching outfits. It was everything we could ask for out of a traditional ceremony.

The couple has garnered a lot of attention as the first Asian American couple on MAFS, as well as a couple that we voted most likely to succeed. There are a lot of hopes on this couple being a MAFS success story, and it seems like with everything we have seen so far, this couple might just take their marriage all the way to Decision Day, and beyond.

Michaela and Zack float down the aisle on a river of tears

We have never seen two people more in touch with their emotions as Michaela and Zack. These two were not only tearing up themselves for the wedding and beyond, they had us dabbing at our eyes too.

Between Michaela’s sisters giving her a pre-wedding gift that belonged to their father, and Zack’s mom finally giving her seal of approval, we were definitely reaching for the tissues.

We also learned about Michaela’s alter ego “Hurricane K” who comes out when she gets angry. Let’s hope that Zack never gets on her bad side, because according to her sisters, “Hurricane K” can bring the force of a Category 5 storm.

But so far, it looks like smooth sailing for this couple as their instant chemistry was obvious. Both gushed over how much they liked the other and how physically attracted to each other they were. Their conversations flowed easily, their families got along, and maybe Zack’s calm and introverted ways will drop Hurricane K’s force down to tropical storm levels.

Myrla and Gil’s relationship gets hairy

Myrla was clear. “No bald men” And yet, here comes the bride, all dressed in white, walking down the aisle towards her future bald husband. But Gil’s lack of hair was not the only hair-related issue the couple ran into on their wedding day.

Not only did we meet Michaela’s alter ego on this round of weddings, but we also got a glimpse of Myrla’s as well. “Myrzilla” came out as the soon-to-be bride sat in makeup with her bridesmaids. Myrla expressed her very specific opinions on everything from her foundation, to her expectations of her future husband’s looks and behavior, and it seemed like she and Gil were already on very different pages.

Gil joked with his groomsmen about his marital expectations of his wedding night, while Myrla was unsure that even a wedding day kiss would be in the cards for the newlywed couple.

Although the two seemed to initially hit it off fairly well, when Gil told Myrla he had a dog, Myrla’s response was, let’s say, less than thrilled. Myrla expressed concern over the dog’s shedding and messiness, despite Gil’s assurances that he was fastidious about cleaning up.

Myrla and Gil would not be the first Married At First Sight couple to have disagreements over their new pet parent duties, walking in the footsteps of many of the Season 12 couples, Myrla and Gil seemed at odds over their new furry family member.

But dog duty was far from the only point of contention between the two on their wedding day, the trailer for the next episode reveals Gil’s conservative spending habits, might clash with Myrla’s “love of her lifestyle.” Will Myrla’s shopping turn Gil into a runaway groom?

Brett and Ryan gear up for their “I do’s”

The episode gave us a glimpse at Brett and Ryan getting ready for their wedding. While Brett had her hair done, she expressed her excitement that her next kiss after her two-year dry spell would be with her husband.

Ryan talked about his hope for his future bride being just as excited about going to the gym as he was. Well get ready Ryan, you are about to meet your match. Brett not only loves going to the gym, but she’s also a volleyball coach and in great shape.

But as we’ve seen in previous seasons, a shared love of sweat does not always translate to a happy marriage. Remember Season 10’s Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice? While their passion for the gym was unparalleled, their passion for each other was a completely different matter. Their marriage went up in flames even before Decision Day rolled around.

Let’s hope Brett and Ryan’s love of heavy lifting translates over to their marriage as the two gear up for their wedding.

We are on the edge of our seats for the next round of weddings and surprises, next week’s episode is sure to bring.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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