Marc Daly’s NYC restaurant cited by the health department for ‘roaches and mice’

Marc Daly's Soco restaurant gets cited for several health code violations
Kenya Moore’s husband Marc Daly gets health code citation for his restaurant. Pic credit: Imagecollect/Carrie-nelson

Marc Daly just can’t catch a break!

Not only is he getting tons of backlash for his horrible treatment of estranged wife, Kenya Moore, but now his business is also taking a hit.

Last month Daly’s southern fusion restaurant, SoCo, located in Brooklyn, received a visit from the New York City Health Department, and they were hit with 28 violation points, according to Bossip.

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Some of the health code violations include:

  • “Live roaches were present in both the kitchen and/or dining area.”
  • “Food wasn’t properly protected from sources of contamination during storage, prep, transportation, display or service.”
  • “Cold food items weren’t being refrigerated at appropriate temperatures.”
  • “There was evidence of mice in the kitchen and/or dining area.”
  • “The restaurant isn’t vermin proof and has conditions that are conducive to attracting vermin and allowing them to exist.”

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Despite the violations – which is the most Soco has ever been cited – it’s important to note that the restaurant still received an ‘A’ rating.

A few hours ago, Soco publicly posted the Health Department’s certification on their Instagram page, along with a message for the “haters.”

The post reads, “For the haters spreading false news PSA we have maintained our A for many years our staff is amazing Soco standards have always been upheld please stop spreading fake rumors about a successful black owned business!!!”

It’s not surprising that Marc is receiving negative press and tons and backlash. The most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta had everyone in their feelings as the cameras followed the restaurant owner and his reality star wife.

Most viewers did not like what they saw; Marc’s atrocious treatment of Kenya was not taken lightly, even though she is often shown as somewhat of a villain on the show.

Kenya’s comment about the news

Kenya has not commented on the reports about Soco’s health code violations, and judging by her Instagram page she seems pretty unbothered by the news.

Recently, she’s been posting a flurry of fabulous throwback photos including a jaw-dropping bikini-clad image of herself and her now-deceased Yorkshire terrier, Velvet.

Throughout the years Velvet was a staple on the reality show along with Kenya until the neighbor’s dog tragically killed him.

The heartbreaking moment played out on a past episode of RHOA.

These days we get to see Kenya in true mommy mode showing off her beautiful baby, Brooklyn.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo. 

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