Kenya Moore shows Instagram her best bikini body: RHOA star goes from ‘puppy baby’ to ‘real baby’

Kenya Moore shows Instagram her best bikini body.
RHOA star Kenya Moore recently showed Instagram her best bikini body. Pic credit: Bravo TV

Kenya Moore is showing off her best bikini body for Throwback Thursday (TBT) on Instagram. The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) star shared on the social media platform that the photo is part of a shoot she did with another RHOA star, Cynthia Bailey.

Moore also recalled the days when she had a “puppy baby” rather than a “real baby” as part of her caption.

RHOA star Kenya Moore finds the perfect way to honor Throwback Thursday traditions

Throwback Thursday has become a time on social media to share a blast from the past. RHOA star Kenya apparently didn’t feel like waiting for summer to use Throwback Thursday as a way to share the best pic from her past that she could find of her famous bikini body.

Moore tagged Cynthia Bailey in her caption along with the hashtag for Throwback Thursday.

And it wasn’t just Bailey who got evoked in the photo. Kenya was posing with a tiny puppy in the pic.

“From a puppy baby to a real baby!” exclaimed Moore in the caption.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star admitted that she still misses her puppy, joking, “I miss that body too!”

And for any of her followers who had forgotten what reality TV show Kenya is on, Moore added the hashtag #RHOA. She’ll be starring in the upcoming reunion along with her co-stars such as NeNe Leakes.

The bikini body beauty’s mention of Cynthia Bailey in her caption earned a prompt response from her friend.

“We did that!” wrote Bailey.

RHOA star Kenya Moore misses her ‘puppy baby’

For those who followed Kenya back when she had a puppy baby rather than a real baby, the sight of that little dog will recall Moore’s heartbreak over the loss.

In 2014, Kenya had enjoyed her tiny dog, Velvet, for seven years. However, as the Real Housewives of Atlanta showed on an episode, Moore became hysterical when she discovered that the Yorkshire Terrier was killed by a dog owned by a neighbor, reported the Daily Mail.

“It happened so fast. I let [my dog] outside and then I heard her screaming,” recalled Kendra.

Moore ran out the door to discover that the neighbor’s dog had taken Velvet to the opposite side of the gate. The little Yorkie was in the other dog’s mouth.

Although Kenya tried to save Velvet by rushing her to the vet’s office, it was too late. Moore felt heartbroken that she had not been there to “protect” her dog after all those years when Velvet had been her protector.

Kenya Moore, RHOA star, may miss her bikini body but she loves her baby

Although Moore complained in her new Instagram pic caption that she misses her bikini body, she’s left her Instagram followers with no doubt about how much she loves her baby.

For Valentine’s Day, Kenya wrote that the baby, Brooklyn, is “enjoying our Valentine’s Day present.”

Fans joined Moore in gushing over the baby, with one writing, “Brooklyn makes my heart smile! I love her!”

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