Mara Agrait sums up Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor in four words

Mara Agrait
Mara Agrait was asked how she would describe this season of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Mara Agrait made an appearance on the Click Bait podcast recently and she had a lot to say about what’s going on during Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.

This season has been a wild ride, especially with Shanae Ankney and her antics. Not to mention Mara’s passive-aggressive age feud with Sarah, which turned a bit more aggressive during the roast on the last episode.

So when Mara was asked to describe the season in one word, she couldn’t narrow it down that much and ended up sharing four words to describe the experience.

Here’s how Mara Agrait described her time on The Bachelor with Clayton Echard

When co-host Joe Amabile asked her, she declared this season could be summed up as “unique, exciting, and dramatic.” After thinking about it, she added “intense” as her last word.

Unique was a word to describe this season because, according to Mara, all women, besides Shanae and Cassidy, get along and truly like each other. She said there aren’t even cliques, but everyone genuinely likes to be around the women in the house except the two villains. They have bonded together and formed forever friendships that will last outside of the show, too, according to her.

The show and experience have been exciting for Mara because as she stated in the podcast, she had two favorite things about this season. First, she loved the group therapy date that Kaitlyn Bristowe headed up. She said the women got so close to each other through that session, as they opened up about challenging experiences they have gone through.

The second part of the show that was the most exciting for Mara was the football group date. She said it was amazing to go out there, tackle the other women, and relieve stress and tension. She also revealed that she just started tackling people for no reason toward the end of the game.

When Mara thought of the season as being dramatic and intense, she mentioned, of course, Shanae through this, and all of the torment and strain she caused on the house and the women as a whole. But she also talked about the group date roast.

Mara told the podcast’s co-hosts that the women had all gone into the roast agreeing to be civil and calm due to all of the drama surrounding the house with Shanae already, and it was supposed to be easier to do this since Shanae was not on that group date.

However, Mara said she was discouraged when others towed that line and even crossed that line once the roast began. She did seem remorseful that she had as well when she went after Sarah in a rebuttal. When asked, Mara did say that the girls had talked about age before in the house, but never in a cruel manner.

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With the two-on-one date coming up in Episode 6, Mara seemed to think Shanae will finally go home. She revealed that she believes Genevieve is the “realest woman” on the show, and there couldn’t be a better person to be on this two-on-one date with Shanae, other than maybe Sierra. She also said that Genevieve is probably who she is closest to within the house and knows she is definitely there for the right reasons.

All in all, as Mara stated throughout her Click Bait podcast interview, she seemed to have a positive experience and has formed many special bonds with the women (besides Shanae) that she will carry on once the show is over. She also acted grateful that she had been given this opportunity.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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