MAFS: Virginia Coombs talks of being ‘a lot to handle’

Virginia Coombs
Virginia Coombs makes video about being perceived as too much. Pic credit: Lifetime

Virginia Coombs has been a polarizing figure in Married at First Sight with her share of fans and haters.

Recently, Virginia made a video to address her reputation of being ‘too much to handle.’

Virginia put a positive spin on the potentially negative labels in the post.

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Virginia Coombs says she won’t be ‘too crazy’ for the right person 

Virginia Coombs took to Instagram to share her video about being a lot to handle. 

In the video, Virginia states, “I know I can be a lot to handle, and I know I can be a little bit crazy. But I also know I’ll never be too much to handle or too crazy for the right person.”

Virginia captioned the post, “& that’s a vibe,” with the 100 emoji. 

As MAFS viewers will recall, Virginia was deemed a lot to handle after her tumultuous marriage to Erik Lake. 

Throughout the season, Virginia appeared to allegedly have an issue with alcohol, and she received a lot of criticism for her behavior, as many viewers found her to be immature. 

Virginia has often clapped back at her critics while noting that the scrutiny takes a toll on her mental health. 

Married at First Sight stars show love and support to Virginia Coombs 

Married at First Sight stars left comments under Virginia’s post to voice their support. 

MAFS Season 9 star Beth Bice, also very familiar with receiving an influx of backlash from critics, offered Virginia some encouragement.

Beth wrote, “I always say if I’m too much then they are not enough! You be you girl !” 

Virginia responded, “yes ma’am.”

Another outspoken MAFS star that is no stranger to the hurtful comments that come with being in the public eye is MAFS vet Jamie Otis. 

Jamie Otis commented under Virginia’s post with two red heart emojis. 

While Jamie and Beth’s comments were more optimistic, Virginia’s post still received critique.

One commenter wrote, “You were not ready for marriage. I think you pick the wrong year to try that show. And yes the right man will accept all of you but you’ll probably meet him at a bar. Erik was far more mature for you.”

Virginia Coombs' comment section
Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

Another critic took issue with Virginia’s video, writing, “You are a human being, not an animal. Nobody should have to ‘handle’ you. Healthy relationships are about completely understanding one another, having mutual respect, and knowing how to compromise when there are differences.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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Stacy Scotte
Stacy Scotte
1 year ago

She was immature and not ready to be married