MAFS: Virginia Coombs claps back at claims she had ‘tons of plastic surgery’

MAFS star Virginia Coombs denies getting plastic surgery
Virginia Coombs claps back at plastic surgery rumors. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight star Virginia Coombs is disputing claims that she had work done since leaving the show, and she just clapped back at a troll who said she did. Some people think that the brunette beauty looks a lot different than she did during her time on the 8-week experiment.

However, Virginia attributes her TV appearance to the stress of filming the reality show for hours on end.

Virginia Coombs claps back at plastic surgery claims

The Married at First Sight star caught wind of a thread going around on Reddit where people are claiming she had plastic surgery. However, Virginia put a stop to that rumor and made it clear she did no such thing, but she did admit to having work done on her lips.

Virginia reposted a comment about her supposed surgery on Instagram and showed an exchange between her and one social media user.

The woman tagged Virginia in the comment and wrote “[she] was a beautiful young lady before she had all that work done…be natural. it was working for you, I mean that sincerely.”

“All that work?” said Virginia in response to the post. “I got my lips done. That’s it. Lol. I already don’t love them and people like you make me feel so great about myself, thanks!!!”

MAFS star Virginia Coombs denies plastic surgery claims
Pic credit:meet_virg_/Instagram

This is not the first time Virginia has clapped back on social media. She’s been fielding nasty comments about her marriage even before she announced her divorce from Erik Lake.

Virginia Coombs says she’s taking care of herself

The Married at First Sight star shared a screenshot of the exchange between her and the woman on social media, but she had more to say as well.

“So apparently there’s a whole Reddit thread of people saying I got tons of plastic surgery?” wrote Virginia.

“I’ve gotten my lips done…everything else is thanks to not working 45+ hours a week plus filming about 40-60 hours a week plus trying to get to know my stranger husband plus not even getting to sleep in my own bed plus a bunch of other factors,” she continued. “My face was [swollen] and broke out constantly while filming.”

The reality TV personality also made it clear that she’s not seeking anyone’s approval. These days Virginia is taking the negative comments in strides and putting her spin on hot girl summer.

Virginia noted, “Just because someone finally has the time to take care of themselves doesn’t mean they got plastic surgery. And quite frankly if you don’t like how I look you can screw right off because I am doing things for myself, not anyone else’s approval.”

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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