MAFS viewers upset over Alyssa Ellman’s appearance on latest episode

Alyssa Ellman
MAFS viewers question why Alyssa was still included in the newest episode. Pic credit: Lifetime

Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette agreed to get divorced on last week’s episode of Married at First Sight, and many viewers hoped that would be the end of Alyssa’s presence on the season.  

However, Alyssa continued to be featured on Married at First Sight’s most recent episode which was upsetting to viewers who took to social media to voice their frustrations. 

Married at First Sight viewers are tired of Alyssa Ellman’s screen time 

Alyssa and Chris were included in the recent episode as they broke the news to their loved ones that they had chosen to get a divorce after barely two weeks of marriage. 

Alyssa and Chris also revealed their divorce to the rest of the MAFS Season 14 cast during a group date. 

MAFS viewers weren’t happy with having to see Alyssa in yet another episode with many questioning why she was still given screen time. 

One MAFS viewer wrote, “Why is Alyssa still on this screen.. I thought we was done!?” 

Another MAFS critic tweeted, “Why is Alyssa still on my TV screen?? WE DO NOT CARE!” 

A MAFS fan expressed their frustration with Alyssa’s lies, writing, “Why is Alyssa still on my screen..and telling lies at that” 

Feeling Alyssa just won’t go away, a viewer tweeted, “Alyssa just will not leave this damn series will she!”

One MAFS viewer even wished for a petition to essentially ban Alyssa from the show, writing, “Official petition to never see Alyssa on our screen again.” 

Alyssa Ellman’s hypocrisy gets called out on MAFS 

After their divorce, Alyssa continued on with her narrative that she did her best in her marriage with Chris. She even accused Chris of not putting any effort into the marriage. 

Each time Alyssa would say something contradictory, the show would flashback to moments between Alyssa and Chris that highlighted the falsities in Alyssa’s statements. 

MAFS viewers loved seeing production call out Alyssa’s lies, with one commenter writing, “Production is doing Alyssa so dirty and I love it!” 

Another MAFS viewer wrote, “The editors including these flashbacks of Alyssa” adding a gif that read, “I love the mess.” 

One MAFS viewer commented on the way producers were calling out Alyssa’s hypocrisy writing, “#MAFS producers…making damn sure they highlight Alyssa’s hypocrisy for the world to see.” 

A MAFS fan clearly got enjoyment from the producers putting Alyssa on blast, tweeting, “I love Alyssa lies and the MAFS producers just blast her.” 

Another MAFS fan tweeted, “The #Mafs producers to Alyssa:” along with a gif that states, “I got receipts!” 

Time will tell if Alyssa makes any more appearances on this season of Married at First Sight. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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11 months ago

She is a freaking liar and I am tired of seeing her on this show. All she wanted was the publicity and she doesn’t deserve screen time.

11 months ago

you are a b***h you dont deserve anyone. you are a cold person

11 months ago

She totally embarrassed herself and showed her self-centered ego. She cared only about herself and lied to her friend about her appearance. Thanks to the producers for showing yet again about what kind of a person she is. A FAKE!!!!

Debbie Henson Williams
Debbie Henson Williams
11 months ago

NO MORE! She only wants to be on TV, so don’t give her that satisfaction! She seriously needs mental evaluation! Sick, liar and ugly inside and outside! 🤮🤮🤮

11 months ago

It was so hard to watch Alyssa be so RUDE to Chris!! He was a stand up guy through it all! Quit giving her screen time, that’s all she wanted. You should have Chris back, he was the one that was “Gipped” Alyssa is NOT a f___ing good person, she is a shallow fake b____!!!!